Friday, September 11, 2009

PGCE Secondary Mathematics (G1X1)

This week I have started the PGCE Secondary Mathematics course. The course is indeed quite challenging, though not in the same sense as the Maths degree was. The first thing I have realised is that the PGCE is somewhat harder than the Maths degree. You see when I was studying Maths, it was all about my perception and mental issues with concepts, and how I dealt with trying to understand topics. However now it is no longer about how I deal with the Maths but how I make Maths accessible for younger people. This is a damn hard thing to do! Words like social development floated in one session really made me think.

It wasn't too long ago that I was a student, but even so, I am still amazed at what wonderful beings children are (not when they're being monsters obviously!). Their capacity to learn, how they interact in certain environments, what makes them tick are a few of the things that have been brought to attention. Previously I was aware that all students have different abilities, but with children ability isn't always what influences how they respond to your teaching. There are a million and one other pressures that a child might be going through as she walks into your classroom. Gah. It's horribly scary at the moment for although I love reading about "effective teaching and learning methods", being in the classroom is another story. Will I be an effective teacher?

This post has come at the end of the week for a very good reason, as we have to write a reflective piece of work every week. Most of you would have seen past my blatant excuse for you all know too well that I will write more posts than one a week, as I am bursting to share what I'm learning! (Honestly speaking - some stuff we've touched upon has been fascinating). This week has been absolutely knackering and I confess to leaving the task I had to hand in today to the last minute. (Thus I was awake at 5am finishing it off!) Reflecting writing isn't too hard I suppose, for I do it all the time whilst blogging. However what I worry about is how "formal" they want the reflection to be. I mean, could I just print my posts (with some editing of course!) and hand them in? I suppose not for the assignments are meant to prepare us when we have to hand in work that will actually be graded. Hmmm - they use the Harvard referencing system here too, which I have yet to read up. (Wikipedia to the rescue... but on the weekend).

Now this post is very rushed as I have been desperate to post something all week, and finished early today and got home at 3:50pm as opposed to the usual 5:30/6pm. (The timetable is not very flexible). Thus I have half an hour to give you a brief summary about what to expect the next few weeks. My main "reflection on the week" post will be on the weekend, which will obviously contribute to what I end up handing in.

By the way, I accepted a bunch of comments today and I will respond to them in due course (i.e. when I'm next posting - as I've got to run now!). However a childish part of me insists on writing "who the heck is aryabhatta and what the heck has he done?" (If you follow the comments on the side it might become apparent as to why I wrote that). I am suffering from lack of sleep and if my common sense didn't save me, I would have wrote a lot more than that! Anyway, the change of routine has been hard to accommodate but give me four weeks and I should be okay.

I'll be back!

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