Monday, July 13, 2009

Hats, Gowns and Graduating!

Today at 10am I will graduate with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics.

It feels slightly weird though. My graduation signals an end to my undergraduate days - an end to a certain chaos I lived in; however I don't feel "bad" or regret how things have turned out. I am to be honest mostly relieved that I managed to get a decent grade, for in my third year life went topsy turvy and my University studies suffered very badly. My worst University result was in "An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry" (no surprises there!) and my best was in my first year module "Sequences and Series"! Yes the very same module which, three years ago, I had hated and complained about till I went blue in the face.

I haven't thought about the major question "what next then?" just yet though. Thoughts of it flit through my mind sometimes, when I lose guard, but my problem is that there's too many things that I want to do but they all can't be done at once. Dr. Eccles best understands my situation at the moment, and once again I have to say that he's a great guy. Tinky Winky tried to give me advice the other day, but I don't know how many balls I can juggle.

This problem is closely linked with me studying Maths further. Before I would have loved to do the MMath course, but then I started struggling to pass my exams, hence that was out of the picture. Next comes doing the MSc, which is what I think I will do before considering a PhD. Yes - a lot of people are pulling their hair out at what I'm writing, since I was told that this is the best time to study what I like and get it over and done with. I recognise that my "mathematical ability" might be at its highest point at the moment, but my interest in Maths will continue to grow. Thus that gives me enough encouragement to not give up my hope of studying Maths further. I know that I have disappointed someone by my decision, and that hurts me deeply. However, other things in life are more important for me at the moment, and I wish to accomplish them first. The Maths will follow.

On Friday 19th June 2009 I was humbled by the University for some strange reason! I was told it was to do with The Galois Group, but on that Friday I had felt slightly out of place... This brings us to my next dilemma - TGG. I have two student volunteers for next semester, and lots of lecturers, but its students which we need. My summer holidays have been very "bad". I haven't been feeling well for a while (and my Dad dare joke about Swine Flu!), and this renovation work is just not finishing. Banging my head on the car's frame also didn't help... Anyway, I intend to get working on TGG in the summer once I have graduated and things calm down.

This is going to be a jumpy post so please bare with me! My results had gone online on Friday 26th June 2009 and I find it amusing to recall how nervous and twitchy my parents had been! My mum and dad had kept on ringing me asking "are they online yet?" and they didn't like hearing my dull no! The University did seem to enjoy torturing us, for they came up after 5pm I think which didn't help anyone's nerves.

There's a lot more that I want to post about, but I have to go to sleep now as my graduation is first thing in the morning. Humbug. I have got used to sleeping very late (or early!) you see, so I'm confident of looking like a zombie tomorrow. I actually can't wait for tomorrow now! I promise that I will resist the urge to throw my hat... (Like that's ever going to happen).

On a final note (!), this blog will continue as the Maths hasn't died yet, and of course shouldn't die. Yes - it has shrivelled up a lot, but as I said, the more I studied the more I posted (so you get the idea of when things went pair shaped!). I would once again like to thank everyone who commented and helped me to graduate tomorrow -- it has been greatly appreciated. :)


steve said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to Gooseania mark 2!

egm said...

Congratulations! It has surely been great following your journey. I look forward to the Beans post-graduation writings.

Beans said...

Hi Steve and egm,

Many thanks for the congratulations! It has indeed been a great day, and obviously filled with chaos! (My post will have more details, but I nearly disowned my folks today due to them arriving pretty much late. And then I wonder why I'm like this too! :p)

Steve: Hopefully there will be a Gooseania mark 2, but not just yet! I think my journey now will consist a lot of independent studying, and hopefully it won't be that bad. :)

Egm - thanks, I'm actually quite excited about post graduation writing. I even remembered you when everyone was taking photos after the ceremony! If only you and Raul had been there! (I actually wanted to be in the photos for a change, so my camera was passed from hand to hand, and I'm perhaps being overally critical of some shots. :p Well the family one mainly, but there was some good shots too.)

simplicity said...

Congratulation. I guess all the pressure is gone now, although finding a job will be hard this year.

What next bean?

Why can't you do fourth year? is it more the stress or is it more that you haven't got the grades?

For TGG I will help next year if I get in.

Looking at stats most Mathematicians best work is in their 40s, so I would't worry about that nonsense about you need to be young to do maths.

I would think that you would like AG.

Anyway, good luck.

Beans said...

Thanks. A certain pressure has gone, yes, and at the moment I'm least bothered about finding a job!

I wish I could tell you what's next, as I'm still thinking about that myself...

The fourth year didn't happen due to a change in circumstances, which resulted in me studying Maths less frequently. Thus there was no point in me studying further (at this moment in time) if my heart was not fully in it.

Good luck for your results too! I hope you get into Manchester - it's a great place to study.