Friday, May 08, 2009

End of an Era

Today is officially the last day, and indeed my last lecture of my University "career". Next week is a revision week, after which my exams will begin.

How am I feeling about this? Well yesterday during Hyperbolic Geometry, it seemed to hit home that everything is coming to an end. Today it feels slightly worse, but I know in my heart, that I am making the right decision.

At the moment I have one foot in one boat, and the other foot in another . Both these vessels are travelling at very fast speeds, and it is inevitable that I fall, as I have poor balance as it is. Thus both boats end up crashing. I propose that it is better for me to travel in one boat first, "become an expert" in guiding it, and then slowly make the jump again.

This decision may harm my mathematical aspirations, people claim, and I will become dumb in the subject which I already struggle with. However, I disagree. I won't lose my passion for Mathematics which is enough for me.

This will be a short post as I will leave the house in the next five minutes. I don't think that I could have wished for a better three years at Manchester. Yes, things did get hard for a while as I wasn't able to cope with sudden changes. However, that was part of my experience and hey, I'm smiling now! I don't really want to leave the people behind you see.

Last night, the teletubbies claimed that I was the worst Mathematician they knew (!) as I kept on saying that Maths was greater than Physics (and every other subject on the planet). I couldn't make F'(S) equal to zero, so was already frustrated, after which I deliberately annoyed Po and Tinky Winky, as they were revising Physics! I think I'm the only Mathematician that they know...

Anyway 10:45am means I must leave for the bus stop now!


egm said...

Done already? How time flies! Wishing you the best in whatever you do after this. Just don't stop posting :). And take lots of photos!

Beans said...

Hey egm!

Doesn't it just fly. It only seems yesterday that I started this blog! I'm not quite done yet - just got these final exams to get through (hence my lack lack lack in blogging!)

I'll try not to stop posting. :) (Which won't be too hard I guess...).

Lol - it's that time of the year when I debate on which camera to ask for my birthday. :D I'm thinking of one of the Canon EOS (as it's my 21st!) but then I can't decide. Any pointers? Nikon vs. Canon - which would you choose?

egm said...

Which would I choose? Nikon of course! But then again I'm biased. Cause that's what I started with, and what I still use to this day. I don't have much experience with Canons, so I can't tell you much about them.

Beans said...

The only reason I'm considering a Canon is because the first camera I ever used was a Canon Ixus (back in the days!).

My sister also votes for the Nikon (but what does she know :p ) hehe.