Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brain food, Insults, and Kiddy parties

I bought 10 Ruth Rendell (Inspector Wexford mysteries) for £7.50 recently, and they are inspiringly quite "thin". Well they are not your normal John Grisham sized book you see, and they're equally good to read. They're stacked next to my bed in the correct order, waited to be gobbled through by myself.

Now you might recall that I once stated that I never read fiction during term time, as it sometimes stresses the point that I am not studying, hence I stress out! Well I am happy to announce that I am cured of that bug! (Not for the next billion and one...).

Yesterday it was my cousin's sons birthday, and naturally she had to hold a birthday party (for him I think...). I obviously didn't expect to be invited, but unfortunately I happened to pick the phone up when she rang, and so ended up promising that I would attend. (They want me behind the camera you see!).

The house was full of loud, noisy and sometimes annoying children, as well as their equally loud, noisy and .... (!) parents! I had a good time I must admit, as I ended up taking a few decent shots behind the camera which obviously put me into a better mood. However I chanced upon someone who has a disliking towards me. Milo once said to me that I sometimes don't really get it when people say "evil" comments to me, and just act normal. Milo doesn't know that I let people say what they want to because it shows me a bit of their character. I don't really get why people like to throw superiority (of any nature) onto others.

I know y'all are probably annoyed about me continuously mentioning that my planet Earth has changed and stopping there; but I would rather not say any more. The key fact is that I happy on the planet I am standing on at this moment in time. I am slightly stressed about a lots of things (due to jumping through space and time in my Tardis *cough*), but I have this small hope that I have started walking down that yellow brick road. I just don't know where it will lead me too.

Due to the fact that I'm not miserable, unhappy etc. a few people seem unhappy. Perhaps this is why I'm currently really enjoying the book "Shake Hands for Ever". There's an old woman called Mrs Hathall who revels in other peoples misfortune (and she's quite a character). It saddens me to say that I know a few Mrs Hathall's. Firstly, whatever I do is for myself, and once I'm Prime Minister (!) that's when they can say that I have achieved something! You see parties like this are a chance for everyone to get together and catch up. I haven't got any catching up to do and would rather prefer being told to just go and play football on the X-box (but alas the seats have already been taken... and nobody wants to risk being embarrassed by an amateur).

I hate people who want their egos pampering. Sigh. I am still annoyed, but it's more to do with my expectations of certain people. Thankfully it's another couple of months before someone else has a birthday!

I want to be an inventor and want to invent something cool. But what to invent, I don't know! I have been thinking deeply (which means for more than a minute of course!) about doing something drastic. At the moment I am drawing blanks... . I will keep you updated of course, if I think of something!

The title was misleading I'm afraid. Well I tried to work my way backwards, and was now meant to talk about all the junk food I am eating and how I need proper meals, as I am quite unhealthy. However, that would make me feel guilty and instead of phoning my sister for a lift, I would walk towards my destination! That's not going to happen thought... well I hope not.

I have a coursework in Geometry for next Thursday and and and I hate that module, so naturally I hate anything associated with it, which includes the coursework. I will go and study now (ha!) and see if my hate decreases for it. Ah this reminds me - I was supposed to search the net for some decent Intro. to Algebraic Geometry notes. (Anything to delay the studying....)


Anonymous said...

Try one of these.

I don't know why you hate Algebraic Geometry and Analytical number theory so much. What do you like?

P.S. Do you know what the Riemann Hypothesis is?
P.P.S. Lol, I should be going to Manchester next year, I bet I will see you. Atleast you don't have to do Decision Maths.

Beans said...

Hi anon,

Many thanks for that link!

I hate algebraic geometry so much, as I don't really understand the notes that are given, and can't follow the lectures very well. I did try looking for online notes, but most were too advanced (sheaves etc!).

Number theory is actually not a bad subject, but I feel that there is so much more to that subject which we haven't explored. I have a few books which are far richer in theory than my notes.

Note: my dislike for the subject is normally connected to me not being to understand the module!

Erm... the Riemann Hypothesis? Isn't it something about all the zeta zeroes lying on some line? ;)

Decision maths is quite cool sometimes. I enjoyed parts of it at college. It's great to hear that you will be here next year - Manchester is a place I would definitely recommend. However, I'm not actually sure if I will be around though!

Once again, thanks for that link. :)

Anonymous said...

You should look for some books on Algebraic Geometry. The developement of the theory is interesting, espically somebody called Grothendieck who went crazy and is now living in forest in France.

Have you read the Primer for Analytical Number theory book, it's really good. I don't see why you hate series, as they seem fun.

I hope you do stay on to do the last year and maybe even do a PhD. I guess people don't see the consequences of their action and when it's to late they will look back and have regrets.

P.S. Oftopic but have done any Category theory? Because, isn't Algebraic Geometry meant to be Category theory?
P.P.S. How did you become the head of the Galois Group?

Beans said...

I found one book that is okay (by Hassett) but some of the books on Algebraic Geometry aren't particularly great!

I can't say that I have read that number theory book (do you have an author?). Series are okay (at times!), I just sometimes struggle in manipulating them correctly.

Staying on is still a possibility, but I don't think I will have any regrets about the decision that I make. I have spoken to many people, and one can always follow their interests by the OU.

I haven't done any category theory, but I've attended a Galois Group lecture on the subject!

Becoming the head of The Galois Group was a really bloody process! (Hehe - I actually created the Group. If you are interested in helping out next year, then do let me know!)

Oh and to answer the question in your other comment, I am actually a fan of Number Theory and "Dynamical systems" (which means hyperbolic geometry for the time time being!). I'm interested in the overlap between the two subjects.

Which areas interest you?

Anonymous said...

How is Galois theory? Why call the group Galois group? Shouldn't a title with something to do with Turing be better.

I could help you next year with the Galois group, what do you actually do? just make the posters and stuff.

It seems from your latest post you have decided. Don't you have the feeling you are destine for great things?

On the conncetion between Number theory and Dynamic systems do you mean the connection between chaotic system and zeroes of the zeta function?

To anwser your question I like all areas of pure maths but I dislike discrete maths.

I say do a fourth year all you need to do is study the subject during the summerholidays.

P.S. Are you sure you haven't done any Category theory as Algebraic Geometry is based on Catergory theory. Why didn't you do Algebraic topology?

Beans said...

Are you coming to Manchester as an undergraduate student or postgraduate?!

Galois Theory is good but quite hard. I struggle with Group Theory you see, which brings me down a lot.

Well Galois was the final motivation in my wanting to do something for undergraduates at Manchester, hence he has that honour! Making posters and stuff just about sums it all up. :p

In my last post I had decided and then obviously had changed my mind again. However something else happened to me recently, which made me realise that I was destined for other things - great or not. I don't know what you mean by "great things", but by doing further studies in Maths it doesn't necessarily mean that "I'm doing great things". (If you follow me!) The world is my oyster.

I don't know much about Chaotic Systems (yet!) but I recall a lecture where we talked about geodesics and the imaginary axis etc. which sparked my interest.

PS: I don't exactly know what I studied in Algebraic Geometry! I unfortunately messed up my Topology module in the first semester, hence decided against algebraic topology.

simplicity said...

Undergrad student, sadly. Well, it looks like uni maths looks more interesting.

Galois theory looks interesting, a book by Ian Stewert looks really good although all Ian Stewert books look good espically his one on complex analysis.

So did you find the exams good? or did you drop out? are you going to do the next year?

Sad you don't get Algebraic geometry. I don't know but I think I will end up becoming a category theorist.

I'm thinking of starting a blog but I think I will only start posting in it when I get my results in August. Lol, that would be weird as you started blogging because of Goosenia and then I would have started blogging because of you. However, I don't complain as much as you.

P.S. The key is to study it in the summer holiday as when you start it you will have an advantage over everyone else. Certainly, you wouldn't have had all the problems of proving stuff in the first year if you would have brought all the books and worked through them.
P.P.S. Anyway, thanks for the blog as it is really helpfull.

Beans said...

It now feels like university Maths set the foundations for me. It it interesting and I hope you enjoy your time at Manchester. You already seemed to have read quite a lor around the subject, which is something I didn't do whilst at college, so might be useful.

Galois Theory was quite a complex, yet very satisfactory course. In the sense, once you knuckled through the theory and had some understanding, it was more fun. Hmm, well I'm a bit fifty fifty on some of Stewart's books (although I have a signed copy of one of them!). His Galois Theory book was good, but if I didn't have Fraleigh's book I would have been doomed. Fraleigh's book on Abstract Algebra helped me with the field and group theory bit which was obviously causing me problems.

Drop out?!!?! I think it would have been very foolish of me to drop out in my third year! I have no idea what I'm doing next year, which is quite reassuring at times (in a funny sort of way).

I don't think it was a case of not getting it. I didn't particularly like the lectures and thus didn't put the extra hours in (as per usual). Although I will be positive about it if I come across it in the future.

Lol - I would definitely encourage blogging, it helped me a lot whilst at University. And well, your blog is there for whatever you want it be there for - might was to help get things of my mind.

I guess studying in the summer is more useful to some than others.

I'm glad the blog has been helpful. We've been doing some renovation work since my exams finished, hence why I've not really been around for ages! I actually do intend to continue blogging, whatever may come next.

simplicity said...

I still think you should do some studying during the summer holidays. I find its easier to follow something if I already know it. I don't know but really on lectures too much is bad.

Fraleigh's book is on my list of books to get. Sadly, I got most of the books for the first year.

Your blog was useful as I noticed that you struggled with proofs in the first year. So yeah, I know where to focus my energy. Although, you do mention problems with module arithmetic so I will focus on that later.

Its good to hear you didn't drop out. Have you made up your mind if your going to do the last year?

I think the problem with really on lectures to motivate you is that its hard to build up the habit of independent study. Although, yeah I heard bad things about the teaching quality at Manchester.

On a more positive note. Is there book sales in the first week? As I'm thinking of buying all the second year maths books but I don't want to spend lots of money.

P.S. I was wondering have you got your results from third year yet? As I though uni people get there results sooner then a level people?

I have to wait to the 20th. I think I will start blogging then as if I fail A level then my maths career might be over;(

Beans said...

I don't know to be honest, the summer holidays are a welcome break from the intense term and sometimes you need a break. Light reading is different but I wouldn't have a very intense studying routine! You have the whole semester to worry about that.

"Sadly"? There's nothing wrong with that - I bought mine on the first day\{the stats one!} as I prefer having my own collection of books!

Modular arithmetic was hard initially (but not "conceptually" if you follow me). Stuff like cardinality and the pigeon hole principal (counting etc) was what really hurt me in my first ever semester of studying Maths. I was in it deep you see!

RE: Last year, see my recent post!

Bad things like?

I don't think that there is a book sale, but second years tend to advertise in the first few weeks, so keep an eye out on noticeboards.

PS: Yep - I got my results on June 26th.

Good luck for your results - I'm sure you can't have failed!