Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh How I Hate Revising

Especially at this time! Yes tis my fault, but my Number Theory course has been very uninspiring up till this point. The inspiration being that I have a test today at 9am which I am going to do very badly in.

I honestly don't know how I can get a grip of my motivation and study! And another funny figure is the amount of third year students who I have heard say: "I hate Maths".

I don't hate the maths, but I hate exams. Oh and I hate the fact that I need to make a decision as soon as possible about next year. By the way, Dr. Eccles is one great guy. I liked what he said to me today: I should make a decision which is best for me, and not what other people would like me to do. He said that it will be sad to see me go, but I shouldn't stay for that reason etc etc. But you get the idea. That has taken a load of my mind though, as one reason as to why I am was "forcing myself" (perhaps) to stay was The Galois Group.

I don't think I'll ever lose my interest in maths when I leave, which is what I'm clinging onto at the moment. But tick tock.

Back to the BORING old Riemann Zeta function. Gah. I might write too much but it's better than writing too less in my humble opinion!


Abg said...

I wish I could say more to help you out, but with what he's said, he's pretty much nailed it.

Anyhow, Riemann zeta function, boring? Gasp! Studying zeta(2) seems interesting enough, check out this PDF with fourteen different proofs that zeta(2) = pi^2/6. Beautiful!

Beans said...

Yeah he has and that's why I went to see him yesterday. :-)

Erm... was I not meant to say that the Zeta function is boring?! Hehe! The module is interesting, especially its history. But my notes seem very watery and don't inspire confidence in me.

Thanks for the link (it didn't open automatically so I linked it again).

However I think I'm going to pass on reading that today! I'm going to sleep now, until my example class at 3pm! (Well I've come home after my test as waking up at 2am-ish means I was falling asleep as I was walking).

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