Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Blog is Not Dead

Well not yet anyway! I might have died for 2.5 months, but that's because the Internet... my life source (!) was gone. It finally returned last night at 7pm, but you will have to forgive me for not posting then as I was too busy celebrating!

Don't shake your heads in disgust - surely you were missing my lame jokes and comments? No? Or you don't want to confess?!

Anyway, this is going to be a shortish post as I have a million other bookmarks to organise (delete!) and as I have a test next week, I'm not going to get carried away today.

Surprisingly, not having the Internet was quite great in one sense, however I really did miss my blogging, and not being able to check what the binomial distribution was during revision was very annoying! (Well when you have negative powers...).

You could say a lot has happened in the time I haven't been waffling about things. Too much for my pea sized brain to comprehend at times, but then that's what makes us human.

This could potentially be my last semester at University as well! How did that happen, you ask? Well the exams I sat in January were the worst I have sat in a long while. I am absolutely sick to death of exams and the prospect of doing another year with more exams makes me cringe. So it's either a PhD or teaching. I have been told that it is frowned upon to do a PhD without having done four years, but I could always do a part time PhD. I sort of want a break from it all. The maths, the Galois Group, Univeristy, working, needing money etc. I want a state of dynamic equilibrium, but I'm struggling. I do worry though, about what the end of the semester will bring. I wanted a good degree - too badly - I had things to prove. However perhaps it will be me with egg on my face... again.

Ah well, I better not make this "back from the dead" post too dramatic, lest you all smack your forehead and shout "WHY?"! Yes that was lame again, but hey I'm back! (For now anyway...).