Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All Burnt Out

Today I am exhausted. There is no other way to describe me. I am one of them stupid people who have the habit of 'wanting to put my foot into everything'.

It was the student Galois Group lecture today, which although I didn't understand parts of, was very well delivered and the turnout was equally great. I did something to make sure that we had a good turnout, which I will mention in a minute, but the lecture was a fantastic way to end the semester. During the lecture I also took back what I said about TGG in my previous post, for these Wednesdays are honestly worth it. As I have said on numerous occasions, I only wish that I could spend more time trying to take the Galois Group further. (Well at the moment I do spend 98% of my time on TGG, so the other 2% would definitely do some good!)

You see the final week of term is always a dodgy time for a lecture, and considering the fact that I have been shirking my responsibilities for the past week or so, I was worried about the attendance. (The student was very keen on a big audience you see). The lecture was titled Maths and Philosophy, and a natural part of me wanted to advertise in the Philosophy department, but I just never got round to it. However last Thursday, by chance I bumped into a lecturer from Manchester who I had spoken to briefly during the Philosophy workshop organised by Professor Borovik, and he gave me his email address as he was in a rush. I emailed him and asked him if he could advertise the lecture amongst students in his department and that seemed to have done the trick!

The lecture finished at 1:45pm which sent me into a mini-panic, as if we had all started piling out of the room, the refreshments would not have been set out - my friends normally get started at 1:45pm! What I didn't know was that the student had intentionally finished early as he had expected lots of questions. The following fifteen minutes were indeed filled with questions and discussions, which made me deduce that the lecture was more of a philosophical one than a mathematical one! I honestly felt a lot of the philosophical jargon go over my head, but as the student said, the idea is that I now read up more into this topic, which I will (eventually!).

Dr. E kindly did the conclusions etc. and he pointed out the fact that a lot of Physicists and "third floor" people of our building had ventured down for the lecture, which was nice to see. You see if I had the other 2% of time and effort, then I could work harder whilst advertising these lectures and always get 50+ attendance. I got lucky this time round (i.e. the powers that be feel sorry for me!) but the lectures are not just for the maths department - they're for everyone who is interested by what will be said! I just wish that I could find the time to get the stupid website online so everything was more accessible.

Indeed, I wish for a lot of things. I can't recall mentioning this on my blog before, but if I had another me, life would be complicatingly simpler!

Today I am unable to stand on my feet at the moment, as for the past week or so my food intake dramatically decreased, due to my stupid immune system playing up. I've been feeling slightly better so I have wanted to stuff my face with whatever I can get my hands on, but my body disagrees with this. Today I had to skip breakfast, so I have only eaten an apple, a wispa, a jaffa cake, some pringles and drank two cups of tea. That explains my exhaustion as today I have also ran more times than I can count. I had to run in the morning to make sure I wasn't late, and then I had to run to get the milk, and then I had to run when I saw Jerry and .... and yes I actually do run, as opposed to walking fast. Don't get me wrong, I love sprinting, but the stupid adrenaline kick that I get on Wednesday makes me feel invincible which doesn't help! I honestly don't know how I managed to stay standing today.

You see straight after the lecture at 2pm, I had this meeting to attend which I ended up going slightly late to. I "sit" on various committees in the Maths department and this happens to have its uses (note - I did say I am one of them 'gits' who like to dabble my hands into everything..). Initially, perhaps naively, I only actually volunteered as I thought that by doing so I could put forward the case of TGG, so the people who sit on comfy chairs above us would take it seriously. Yes that was very naive of me, but I enjoy these meetings (at times!) so everything is good. The Galois Group has actually benefited, but I think I have personally benefited too.

Today the meeting went past 4:15pm (hence my tiredness!) and parts of it did drag. You always have your "nap time" in meetings and towards the end I had mine but it was a nice nap, as 'Peter' who was sat opposite me did something that amused me. I sat chuckling to myself, not as discreetly as I would have liked, but there you have it!

Anyway - I digress. Two days left till freedom/doomsday/exams! More on that later, but I got the time to sit at the computer so I thought I would type whatever randomness came to mind, and to thank all the people who have made an effort to attend Galois Group lectures this semester, and who have helped to keep me sane! Thank you. :) If you have any feedback on how things went this semester, and how I can improve, please do let me know. I value any constructive feedback.

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