Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MAGIC Postgraduate Student Conference 2009

Shamelessly copied from their website, I bring to your attention a conference that will be taking place at The University of Manchester, from Monday 12th January 09 to Wednesday 14th January 09. Hurry up and register if you're interested in attending! If you're an undergraduate student, there are a limited amount of places for you (and you don't have to pay anything), but send an email to the organisers first. I should hopefully be attending on some of the days (as the conference is the week before the exams- AAHHHHHHH!) Well there are certain lectures which I'm interested in you see. Anyway - please don't scare me if you're going to attend! ;)

"The MAGIC Postgraduate Student Conference 2009 will be held in the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester from Monday 12th January to Wednesday 14th January 2009. We welcome participation from all sources, but especially encourage mathematics postgraduate students at universities in the MAGIC group to register for this event. We gratefully acknowledge the support of MAGIC for this event.

Registration is free for postgraduate students at universities within the MAGIC group and we can offer a number of subsidised hotel rooms for the duration of the conference. These will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, but with preference given to those presenting their work at the conference. A further reduced rate for accommodation can be offered if attendees are willing to share one of a limited number of twin rooms.

The deadline for abstract submission, early registration and reservation of subsidised accommodation is 1st December 2008 . Late registration will incur an additional fee and we may not be able to provide accommodation for late registrants.

The conference will be followed by the LMS Northern Regional Meeting 2009 and students attending the MAGIC conference are encouraged to stay on for this meeting (full details to follow).

The conference is organised by graduate students (and graduate students at heart) for graduate students and offers research students from all areas of mathematics the opportunity to:

  • present their research
  • meet others in their field
  • share experiences
  • learn new ideas.

The conference has four over-arching themes which draw together ideas from a wide range of mathematical topics; and for each theme, a plenary lecture will be given by a leading academic. Every participant is encouraged to present their work by giving a short talk or poster presentation relating to one of the themes:

  • Groups, graphs and networks,
    Plenary: Professor Norman Biggs (LSE);
  • Spaces, flows and geometries,
    Plenary: Professor Robert MacKay (Warwick);
  • Species, models and markets
    Plenary: Professor Peter Diggle (Lancaster);
  • Complexity, algorithms and methods,
    Plenary: Professor Alex Wilkie (Manchester).

The event also includes three special lectures on the topics of 'The philosophy of mathematics', 'Mathematics in industry' and 'Uncertain Reasoning' given by Professor Alexandre Borovik (Manchester), Professor Chris Budd (Bath) and Professor Jeff Paris (Manchester), respectively.

Further details of the programme (titles, abstract etc.) and registration details to follow.

For more information contact us at: magic at maths.manchester.ac.uk

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