Friday, October 10, 2008

Woohoo for the weekend

Hurrah tis the weekend and that means my alarm clock will suddenly disappear, and I will awake at some unreasonable time having caught up on my sleep. It also means a few other non-trivialities (MATHS!) but let us first relax ourselves.

I have finished the damn book I was reading - Memoirs of a Geisha - which turned out to be a damn good book too! I would definitely recommend it, namely because the world in the book seemed to open up in my daily life. I even jokingly (perhaps) referred to Po as "Po-san". However, the unfortunate consequence of reading that book in a week is that I can no longer complain about books having tiny writing when I stop reading them! (Well you could be kind and point out that maths books are very different to novels...).

I don't know how to explain the amount of effort and energy that I require to concentrate in my applied complex analysis lectures. It's not that I want to doze off, but the material is quite intense for me so I have to make sure that I don't leave the building at all. I had a terrible headache after the lecture and this is a very bad thing. You see I had to miss the example class straight after the lecture due to this, and my concentration levels in Topology ended up being affected by this headache. A cup of tea helped, but then I banged me head whilst getting the sugar from the cupboard and ended up banging my arm on one of the doors as I went to see if Prof. S' was around!

Topology is "meh" at the moment for I am terribly confused about the notation being used. I did metric spaces last year, which I vaguely remember, and this keeps on colliding with what Dr. E is teaching. I should either try to completely forget metric spaces or find last years notes on the subject to try to fix the silly notation in my head. (I get the similar ideas and theorems but something about open sets and open balls is scratching my head, in the annoying manner a nail might scratch the black board!)

I did in fact annoy Dr. E today - and unfortunately at 5pm I somehow ended up discussing the book he's wrote and his first year course on Linear Algebra. It was him who brought the book into the topic of the discussion, so it's entirely his fault if he got a little upset (which he did, for he huffed and puffed and told me that I should the 15 credit version of Measure Theory instead of Topology!) I was in a sleepy daze at the point so I'm not sure whether he said I shouldn't study Topology at all, but we all know he wouldn't have meant that! Due to the horrible times we have topology I leave planet earth on more than one occasion, which is why I am "quiet" during lectures. (But don't tell Dr. E this for I'm going to make out that Topology is some horrible and scary subject, which has changed me....).

If indeed you do feel sorry for Dr. E, I would say don't! Ha, he's quite a cool guy actually and can look after himself! He unfortunately no longer leaves chalk for the blackboard (stuck on his door!), as some "flippin student keeps on writing messages on it". That "flippin student" now borrows chalk from Dr. C's office and still writes whatever comes to mind! I wish this "flippin student" was someone I knew, as I said to Dr. E, for I find the idea of writing silly/threatening/maths messages on the outside of ones door quite cool. [Note: Now Dr. E might claim that the flippin student is some particular bean, but you know better than to believe that! We're mathematicians here and want proofs or indeed counter examples...].

I have finally chosen my modules for this semester (apart from which I'm going to do at 15 credits). I have a 65 vs 55 split for my two semesters which is vital if I don't do four years. You see if I don't do four years I will be doing a project next semester and also studying Galois Theory. However if I do study four years, then the project and Galois Theory will be taken in my fourth year. And yes, I am perhaps the only student whose made such a big deal about such a trivial matter.

The problem had been that I had grown scared of maths during the summer and now in the two weeks that have flown by, I have reacquainted myself with maths and like it again! Some of my modules are quite interesting and I'm actually quite glad to have stuck with combinatorics and not gone for matrix analysis. I didn't attend any lectures on matrix analysis due to the clash with combinatorics, but the "buzzing bees" that fly around combinatorics just aren't there when I think about matrix analysis. I was told that it is a very interesting subject, but it sounds like a boring subject (and easy perhaps?).

I will start working from this weekend hopefully, as my first two weeks have been quite difficult. Truth be told I did get worried when I saw Bella do a lot of work this week, but that's Bella's role - to scare the rest of us in studying!

By the way I really hate the stupid stupid maths building now. I had stuck posters in the lifts (which is a great way to remind people of the next lecture) and some stupid stupid person went and stuck a poster advertising a hoover on top of it! Now George wasn't happy to see this so he removed all the posters in the lifts, which I find particularly unfair. I mean - my poster will come down next Wednesday for Pete's sake, and if some Diane woman has a problem with anything she should come and see me! GAH. I went around the building today (just to further infuriate myself) and I was disgusted to see how many posters had been taken down. Already I have issues trying to stick them so they're perfectly vertical, and now I can't even have them up for a week at least.

This is the kind of thing which annoys me about the maths department although it's not there fault. It's this person from the estate's fault, but they should leave us alone. You'd think that this year would be easier, but George has become more serious about the posters because other little chimps take advantage of the bare walls in the maths building and advertise their broken hoover and toasters! I print 30 posters out and am lucky to take down 15 myself.

Yes - it has been a very busy and tiring week indeed. But rejoice now for as I said earlier, it's the weekend!

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