Sunday, October 26, 2008

An unproductive weekend

I have done nothing "mathematical" this weekend, which is quite the shame for I had every intention of being productive this weekend.

How do I measure my productivity? Well it seems that I only turned my computer on now, and for the whole weekend I haven't touched it.

Come now, doesn't that mean I must have been busy doing Maths then? you wonder. Ach, what can I say - not all is that simple with me!

Normally when I'm being "productive mathematically", I spend some time getting lost in my notes trying to make the nonsense appear sensible. Then when I have had enough I switch the computer on, check the emails and perhaps post something here about what mathematics is currently bugging me. It seems (looking at the frequency of my posts in certain months), that I post more when I'm more "mathematically active". That does sound quite strange to me but there is no denying it.

My weekend has been a very hungry weekend. I ate breakfast in the morning and a meal at night and that is all. My fault I know, but it is such weekends when tea seems to be a dominant feature, that I envisage being "rich" one day and having food given to me on a plate. Ahhh. Doesn't that sound just great? Or a Sainsbury next door would also be great....

I'm going to go to sleep early today for tomorrow is a Monday which spells bad news. I was going to try and do something "productive" on the computer (i.e. TGG stuff) but sadly I am not in the right mood or frame of mind to do so. Perhaps after my lectures are over tomrow, I will work on catching up with everything.

I will have to extend the deadline I feel, to this Wednesday for I can't seem to send emails out to all the students. My University email account is also going to be out for the count "overnight from 6pm on Tuesday the 28th October until 9am on Wednesday the 29th October" for upgrades.

By the way, it is change that I fear. I figured it out! I won't ever grow up (woohoo!) and responsibility is acquired through new experiences in life, which I can cope with. But drastic changes which can unbalance me, sometimes scare me. I can take things on board, but dealing with some changes is quite hard (for me). I don't imagine myself overcoming the challenges that are presented in such instances, but how such a such a thing will no longer happen (etc). The funny thing (but in a not so funny way) is that on occasions I know what I'm doing wrong and what I should do instead, but I don't. (Eg. driving - I know what the heck I should do and why I'm not doing what I should, but I still do what the heck I shouldn't, if you follow me!)

If only the weekend was to pity me and give me a chance to go back to Saturday. I'm actually nervous about Topology now for that is the only course (apart from Coding but that's so and so (!)) which I have yet to get started on. Ach, it's week five already but I'm still staying cool headed yet.

Mark this date in your diary for the two student Galois Group lectures: Wednesday 12th November 2008, 1:10-2pm, Alan Turing Building room G.205.

If I'm lucky and not lazy, the posters should all be up by this Wednesday and down by Thursday! Ha - well Thursday 13th November if I'm very very lucky... . Time shouldn't be allowed to move forward or backwards - it messes with my routine.

I got my annual statement from the SLC (student loan company) the other day and currently I am owing someone at least £12,000. Wow - I could buy a lot of things with that much money, and if I was being a so and so, the cost of my education shouldn't be that much.

It's really 11:36pm and I have been refusing to change the time on my phone. So if I was to wake up at 7am tomorrow, would that mean I'm going to be late for lectures, or early? Late would not be very nice as the doors for the graph theory lecture room are at the front and walking late is quite disruptive. That being said, whatever I do decide to do, I should now go to sleep for this post is not going to get any more lively!

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