Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A "to do list" whilst I can.

Someone rudely disturbed me whilst I was on planet Mars, having a nap. I have truly become a monster now - a very sleepy one. Muhahaha.

I left the AT building at some time after 5pm and got home at 7pm-ish. Did I mention that buses and public transport can be quite horrible at times? My best bet would have been to actually camp in the AT building today, for upon coming home tea is the only thing I have had. That's partly my fault, but because I got home late I ended up "not doing something" that I had said I would which meant that a lot of people were very annoyed with me. Call it foreshadowing, but Dr. C got it right when he said "poor Dad" but he forgot to add the word annoyed.

I was meant to help my Dad with this computer software he has bought and told him that I will be home earlier than usual. I can't remember what I was meant to have done for Po, but he better stay away from me if he can help it! You see I lost complete sense of time when my phone died and then everyone lost all contact with me! I didn't mind a dead phone - it's actually quite a relaxing feeling, unless of course you get to your destination and see unhappy faces wondering why they kept reaching your voice mail.

Ah well - although everyone is no longer annoyed, I still am! (Well with Po especially... ). Do recall that I was on Mars a minute or so ago.

Anyway, I forgot to mention the introductions to Dr. C today but an email will fix that. Apart from that here's what I have to do (this is to remind myself tomorrow when I will probably be going crazy and unable to think straight or remember anything):

1) Charge my camera and clear the memory card.
2)Buy the milk and Jaffa Cakes.
3) Check that the OHP is working in the lecture room.
4) Double check table arrangements.
5) Go to TLO about kitchen key and double check with Bella that she will do the refreshments.
6) Once number five's complete, dump the refreshments etc in the kitchen.

DAMN! I don't know if the kitchens going to have cups for tea and drinks! Meh - they had them last year due to open days etc. but I had stupidly assumed that they will still be there already. Ah well, this means I will have to get in early and try to get access to the kitchen to check things. If my fears are correct then I can always run to Spar (?) and buy some. (Or ask the "staff room" upstairs if worse comes to worse).

7) Ask Dr. C to print poster for door of lecture room.
8) Probably write a note or two for the introductions for I can imagine what Dr. C is going to say. PFT. Well I will definitely have to do the closing remarks...
9) Make sure I pass a register along.

Anything I've missed?

You are probably wondering why I am writing every single teeny thing out, but it has been five months since the last lecture and I'm out of form. I am growing nervous at the amount of things that can go wrong! But if we get the audience I will surely feel much better.

On a serious note, have I forgotten anything bleedingly obvious?

I don't like doing introductions because on Wednesdays like tomorrow I will lose any segment of calmness that I might claim of having. Thus I will speak super fast and put people off from attending future lectures.

Today it was brought to my attention, in the nicest way possible. that the school of Mathematics doesn't really give a damn about The Galois Group. This much I suspected anyway (namely due to the amount of needless problems that I have been encountering this year), but hearing the words from someone else drove the message home. I wouldn't expect them to really give a damn for it doesn't really benefit them in anyway, but then why make things harder?

If I was being a so and so, I would say that someone in the Mathsoc has infiltrated a higher power in the maths department, who have then gone on to conspire against TGG. I do have an over active imagination (how the heck do you think I've been surviving for the past few years?!) but I don't like the current climate of things. I suppose it is a little saddening to note that no one is really going to miss TGG if it suddenly disappears, but this has strangely motivated me even more. Previously I was dragging my feet along at everything (which could be because today's a Tuesday and I've had eleven hours of hard maths over the course of two days) but I suppose now we will have to pause a minute before we think any further on this topic.

Whatever you do though, please don't say that the Mathsoc don't have a higher power looking after them! Honestly, the "perks" they get are unbelievable; well enough to turn this bean green....

Ach - that's enough from me. I must return to Mars and get back into my fighting spirit! (I'll need it if I have to do the introductions. :( ).

Finally please make your way to AT. G.107 tomorrow at 1:10pm for Prof. Nige Ray's lecture on Categorification. Cheers.


Abg said...

"If I was being a so and so, I would say that someone in the Mathsoc has infiltrated a higher power in the maths department, who have then gone on to conspire against TGG."

It's secretly the Perscheux d'Herbinville Group!

The arch-nemesis of Galois--the one who he duelled to and lost to--has conspired to dismantle anything that resembles things of honour to his work! It was, originally, petty things such as vandalising his Wikipedia page, but now it's much more serious: it's infiltrated the mathematics department of Manchester and enslaved the staff!

We must free them of their needless pain by providing intriguing lectures and find out what exactly the Perscheux d'Herbinville Group is. What set is it? What binary operation? Does it hold profound secrets of mathematics that he stole from Galois after the duel?


On a more serious note, I wish you luck with tomorrow. I'm having difficulty sleeping so I might be very tired when I'm there (about to get an hours sleep) but some presence is better than none!

Beans said...

Meh - I actually went and googled Perscheux d'Herbinville Group! You took advantage of my gullibility then, but I will let it pass on this occasion. (That means I am going to continuously remind you of this and try to even things up, but as always fail miserably in doing so!).

Thanks a lot for attending - I'm surprised you actually made it!