Friday, October 24, 2008

Sleeping in the AT Building

Apologies to those who were sitting expectantly at their computers, waiting for my post about "yesterday". Unfortunately I have developed a habit of falling asleep in the AT Building and today it wasn't just for 30-40 mins, but for at least 1hr and 30mins! How did I manage such a remarkable thing? you ask, without obviously being disturbed by the uproar of the mathematics department. Have the powers that be felt sorry for me all of a sudden, and allowed me to become invisible for the times I sleep?

Nah - the powers that be tried their best to wake me up, but they need to try harder next time. Unfortunately due to an old friends and my timetable, the only time I could see her was this morning at 8:30am! Obviously that's impossible for me so I had delayed this to 9am. Come 9am I am snoring like a baby and am rudely woken by my friends text asking where I am. (How can people wake up at 6am in the morning?)

Now I rushed out of bed and safely arrived at my friends house at 9:30am, blaming something or other for my lateness of course.I had a lecture at 12pm so we didn't have long catching up but it was still great. (This is another old friend and not the one I met on Thursday). My friend even taught me how to make breakfast for myself... (well how to use her toaster!).

Anyway, in the AT building I have found this brilliant place whose whereabouts I'm not going to tell you! This place is such that nobody goes there apart from myself since I found it. If I mention it then people will try to deliberately wake me up you see... It's not the most comfortable of places, but heck, I sleep on the floor so that's not an issue! At least now I don't have to restrict my naps to fifty minutes only. I don't have my own room to escape too, but that no longer bothers me.

I have woken up quite groggy though and I'm starving! The idea of the nap was to make sure that I actually pay attention in my imminent Topology lecture, but that remains to be seen.

Honestly speaking though, I have a corner of the AT Building which I can claim as my own now and where I can sit peacefully for five minutes at least, which makes me quite happy. Sometimes one has to escape from trivial conversations about trivial things and to obviously sleep! If you do ever come across my sleeping form then please be nice... . :D

Alas, Topology time. Perhaps I should have had two cups of tea instead of the one? I am honestly like a three year old when I wake up from my naps when I shouldn't have. I don't want to go to Toplogy! I want to sleep. Sleep, sleep and sleep.

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