Sunday, October 12, 2008

The "organised people" have it.

If you are all waiting patiently for an intelligent post that I might one day make, then please continue waiting as today is not that day. I guess I should be quite happy that I am slowly making a routine for my sleeping patterns, but it's the weekend so I'm not happy!! Meh - I have been falling asleep at this time for the past few days, hence why I am now feeling very heavy and droopy.

The weekend is meant to be very lazy but in my case the opposite happened. I had forgotten that I tutor on the weekend, and that I normally have a driving lesson too. I went into town after a marathon 11 hour sleep, and then had to rush back for a driving lesson after which I rushed as the student was to come in 30 minutes. It was 7:30pm by the time I was able to relax but by then it was too late to do anything constructive mathematically, so I ended up being a couch potatoe and watching inane rubbish on the television. Nice.

Well I didn't give up on my plans and have at least organised my file, which was a very tedious and annoying task. [I couldn't find notes for a certain lecture and went crazy looking for them, only to remember that Bella was borrowing them!]

I've decided to conjecture that "organised people" => genius (or perhaps successful). Name me one genius or successful person who wasn't organised? Now when we mathematicians think of silly things like this, we tend to ask questions like "what happens when certain conditions are relaxed?" or "is this a special case?" and so on.

Have you ever wondered why we mathematicians go on to explore what happens when certain restrictions or additions are made to initial statements? It's obvious - to make ourselves feel better! I mean, if you suddenly specialise to the case when n=1 (for example), then you might have proved something (which should have you jumping for joy of course...). Thus in the same way I will now ask that someone please find me a proof (and I find proof by example perfectly acceptable) of the above conjecture, with organised replaced with "organised mess".

Actually proof by example might not be enough. I would be quite eager to see a full proof of this "specialisation" if one existed!

I shouldn't be too bitter towards organised people I suppose (!), but they're like super heroes from the cartoons whilst we "un-organised people/ organised messes" are the super-villains! Tis no wonder that I mostly find the bad guys in books/movies more interesting than the good ones. Pft! :p [Well I enjoy being an organised mess on most occasions but not today.]

Contrary to what's written above, I do have a lot of respect for people who make timetables and stick with them. How they manage to do so is an unbelievable thing which I have yet to experience myself! I guess my reluctance to become more organised comes with the fact that a lot of people keep on telling me to be more organised. They keep on telling me to do certain things but strangely I then don't listen. (Hey, I don't pretend to be normal!)

You might have noticed how I cheekily mentioned some maths in this post, but you can't blame a bean for trying.

My travels today mean I now have "Honour among thieves" and "Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less" by Jeffrey Archer. Although I have wanted to read these books since year 11 in secondary school, I believe they won't be opened until next summer so the wait continues!

On that note I will shut up (well I've actually been yawning a lot and don't want to write any more random rubbish). Please do remember the Galois Group lecture on Wednesday and remind your friends as well. Oh and beans - remember to buy the refreshements!


Abg said...

I've been pulling a few all-nighters for the previous weeks just to get in to college... I was going to get back in to a normal routine this weekend but I slept until 15:00, now it's 1:45 and, err, crap!

Relevant comic:

Anyway, I'm convinced an organised person does not exist!

Beans said...

The cack thing is that if you have one horrible day, your whole system gets affected by it! I thankfully went to sleep before 1:45am, but I've been facing the consequences of not sleeping when I should have.

Nice comic, but I'm afraid that no matter how convinced you are about no organised person existing, you still have to convince me before I can take your word for it!