Friday, October 03, 2008

An extended week

This should be a short post (but we all know what happens when I say that)!

Anyway - today I had a 12pm start in the morning, and believe it or not I ended up being late! Once again I am blaming public transport - in particular the bus. (I've been getting the bus in mornings now for Pops is still not feeling too good). I sprinted like an Olympic runner (but not quite like Usain Bolt!) and the driver even saw me but the "git" didn't stop his damn bus. A woman walking near the bus stop had stopped to watch my latest episode on show, and she even said a few well chosen words towards the driver! (Well rather her than me...).

The sprint out of nothing has really knocked me on the ground today. I had to then walk as fast as I could to the third bus stop on the route (there's an overlap on the routes which means that bus x and bus y can both stop there, unlike the first two stops). I managed to get to the third bus stop in one piece and was mightily relieved to find that the bus had yet to come! If I hadn't got on this bus I would have probably missed my "12pm start". (I don't really know how I managed to get to the 9am ones on time!)

I started late for I have decided not to do Mathematical Programming because I didn't enjoy the way the course will be lectured. The online notes and the lecturer are great, but the board is not used at all during lectures. There has to be a reason to attend lectures and I like attending them. I cannot for the life of me be alert and listen or read from the screen for fifty minutes. And I know for a fact that if I don't attend the lectures I probably won't spend that time reading and trying to understand the notes myself. It's quite an easy course as well, and not very "meaty", which might be another reason for not doing it. (I can see myself losing interest quite quickly...).

Anyway - since my "bus dash" and then "rush to the lecture" I have not recovered as I would have liked to. However I cannot let my body relax and get into weekend mode for tomorrow I will 99.9...% be attending the workshop on Philosophy of Maths. (The clash is no longer there because my Dad's ill and I have rearranged my driving lesson and tutoring!) I just have to get the flu jab very early in the morning, and then head to the AT building (probably late). Fizz should be joining me too, and if anyone else is going to be there, do say hello (but without mentioning this blog)! Perhaps you could say "I've read something you've wrote..." for that would not be a lie...

I have lots more to say but I can't write lots. I think I should come into University slightly earlier for a 12pm start, because in my other two lectures today I was brain dead which was quite weird. I felt that a late start would mean that I would be more attentive, but I found myself very tired and wanting to hang in the clouds for long periods of time. I will let Dr. E of for going quite fast in the beginning, for his justification was reasonable! (Yes - I refused to believe that I was to blame for not following what was said in the first half of the lecture).

I have been continuously told that I lack discipline. This is certainly true but how does one instil discipline in oneself? I tend to leave things for the last minute and then panic. (Hence why I'm quite reluctant to do the project next semester). Hopefully I can do some of my own maths this weekend. \aside

Anyway - I hope to see a few familiar faces tomorrow, and acquaint myself with some unfamiliar ones. I also hope that I don't keep this window open for any longer trying to remember what the heck I have forgotten!

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