Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crikey - it's snowing!

I just woke up a while ago and noticed the snow as I walked downstairs. I didn't believe my eyes at first, but the dream that I had been enduring just before I woke i.e. being late for my 11am lecture, was enough to convince me!

Last night I had gone to sleep fairly early (in my books!) and thus, I was supposed to wake up earlier than now to "not do some maths". I suppose that was rather hopeful of me; so instead of trying to do anything at home now, it would be in the interest of my 11am lecture to get into Manchester as soon as possible! Roll on Calculating Careers... .

PS: I am normally quite a fan of snow, but since college it has been quite the disruptive thing.... . I fondly remember "pretending to be ill" in my Chemistry lesson in college just so I could join a snow ball fight with friends! Everyone else had been in lesson apart from the group of us so it was an open playing field! The lesson was one in which everyone did their individual revision and called upon the teacher when stuck, so I wasn't missing out on anything (although I'm always reminded of my crime).

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