Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Calculating Careers

There's nothing like "advertising things" at the last minute! Unfortunately though, for those interested, I believe tomorrows event (advertised below) is for Manchester students only. Well the email did say "Although you will not need to pre-register, you will need to show your university student card to enter Calculating Careers and gain a student information pack." but I'm not sure if you can pop by and make do without the pack?
A year or two ago I would have attended the teaching panel at 3:15pm but tomorrow (if I stick around for that long), I will most likely attend the other talk at 3:15pm!

By the way, it may seem that I have very nasty feelings towards this event but that is not the case - I think it will prove to be quite useful for many students. My problem was that whilst organising the event, every single room on the ground floor of the AT building was booked by the organisers, when clearly most rooms will be utilised after 2pm. I have made my peace now though (!) for we have rooms for the lectures in week 7, 10 and 12 and I also have abstracts, pictures and nearly complete posters. I realise that it is better to wait for the above event to finish before letting my posters show the department how things should be done!!

[The department were naughty and didn't speak to George and crew you see, and the poster you see above wasn't on the wall for very long! As I was speaking to George today, a woman named Bev (I think) walked past into the lifts. She knew George and gave me an interesting piece of advice on how I could go about getting George to turn a blind eye. (Nothing violent of course....)!]

Now I am brain dead today and will remain so for a very long time (you will be happy to hear, thus a shorter post!). My day was mathematically quite nice. Well group and coding theory was not very appetising, and then applied complex analysis was too filling, which left Measure Theory to do the digesting! Sweet. Complex analysis had too much going on and my stomach was bursting with lots of disjoint information which I should have connected by now. Note: remember to take complex notes in tomorrow.

I don't feel like an undergraduate student at times, and today happened to be one of them occasions. Why do I say that? Well *whispers* I crossed the atrium bridge today! ;)

Haha - normally I prefer to do a u-turn, but today there were only a few people about and my energy levels were running dangerously low. I wish that I don't study any maths tomorrow. (Let's see how sod's law likes that then!) You all should know what I meant by that (if not feel free to ask) so if you get a minute please ask my "well-wishers" to send some help.... . I need to stop trying to end this post with a lame sentence.

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