Monday, October 06, 2008

TV programme on mathematics on BBC4

EDIT: Another update from my "mystical ball" (thanks to a member of the maths department):

Thurs 9th Oct 0900-0945 rep 2100-2130
Radio 4 Bragg/De Sautoy
Godel's IC Theorems

Mon 6th/13th/20th/27th 2100-2200
BBC 4 TV De Sautoy
The Story of Maths

See Radio Times and/or BBC website.

It's on TV tonight (unfortunately it had to be a Monday!) and if you can watch it please do so!

My mystical ball (read: my inbox!) informs me of a new TV programme on Mathematics on BBC4.

Professor Marcus du Sautoy has a new four part TV series, The Story of Maths, starting at 9pm (this time is provisional) on Monday 6 October on BBC4.

Marcus has travelled around the world, to take viewers through a 30,000 year history of maths.

Here's the BBC blurb:

"Story Of Maths: on a journey through the ages and around the world, Marcus du Sautoy describes the often surprising lives of the great mathematicians, explains the development of the key mathematical ideas and shows how - in a multitude of unusual ways - those ideas underpin
the science, technology and culture that shape our world."

Now for UK mathematicians, who have experienced a great many battles for the remote control, worry not for the i-player is your saviour! (Well that's how I will probably end up watching it, if indeed it's available).


dmn said...

omg this is on tonight im gonna watch it i met marcus at uni when he was promoting his moonshine book lol

Beans said...

I can't believe it - today it's 6th October! Although I was intending to watch this I think I'll have to watch it on the i-player some time...

Thanks for reminding me!