Thursday, September 11, 2008

Professor Dold on the BBC

Prof. Dold is our first year lecturer for the Calculus and Vectors course. He's a pretty cool lecturer and a very friendly and nice guy. I always enjoy a good chat with him, when on chance I bump into him, and now you can see him in his office talking about fires.

I love what that man (Brain Cox?) said at the sight of them equations - "even I remember from Maths that these can be tricky". I wondered about what level of maths he was talking about you see...

Anyway. Prof Dold has a unique mathematical super power: he can conjure graphs out of thin air! So as you are sat in his lecturers, be amazed! I'm hoping to interview him too, for Infinite Descent, so if anyone has any "tricky" and not so tricky questions you might want to ask him, then comment away. (Someone suggested I ask him if he's ever been to prison, in case you were wondering how absurd your suggestions can be!) Or if there are any generic questions that you think I should know about, please let me know.

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