Friday, September 26, 2008

Calling all Maths students: Workshop on Philosophy of Mathematics

My fellow mathematicians, young and old, firstly please forgive me for taking my sweet time in posting this, but please find below a post of Professor Borovik's blog which I have "discreetly" copied... (The idea being that you might not have seen it there, as unlikely as that is!)

Anyway, hopefully I will get my lazy self outta bed on that Saturday but that will depend on events that may take place then. At the moment myself and a friend should be attending the workshop, and other students are also welcome to join us. :) [I say at the moment for I am honestly unable to put this in my diary first and then fit other things around it, for something might get booked next week.] Well we'll find out for certain next week but if you do wish to attend, please send an email to Professor Borovik as his message below will direct.

"MIMS Workshop on New Directions in Philosophy of Mathematics
Saturday 4 October 2008

This workshop is part of the MIMS (Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences) New Directions series of workshops taking place in MIMS throughout 2008.

Mathematics and philosophy have a long history of involvement with each other. Profound changes to both disciplines have occurred through this interaction from the Greek exploration of the foundations of geometry, through the early modern philosopher-mathematicians, such as Descartes (analytic geometry) and Leibniz (calculus), to Frege and the beginnings of analytic philosophy under Russell. In recent times, however, this involvement has largely dwindled. For the most part philosophy’s interest in mathematics over the past half century has been of no interest to mathematicians. There has been a growing unrest with this state of affairs, and we are beginning to see encouraging signs of efforts to bridge the gulf between these great disciplines.

These new approaches range from studies which pay close attention to the cognitive, historical, or sociological aspects of mathematical practice, through to those which see developments within recent mathematics as being of philosophical importance, whether model theory, category theory, or the current intense interaction between mathematics and physics. The workshop will explore these themes, and will allow philosophers and mathematicians the chance to hear each other’s views on the direction forward for the philosophy of mathematics.

Organisers: Alexandre Borovik (School of Mathematics, University of Manchester), David Corfield (Department of Philosophy, University of Kent).

Programme, Saturday 4 October 2008:

10:00 Coffee

10:30 Mary Leng (Liverpool) Creation and discovery in mathematics

11:30 George Joseph (Manchester) History of Non-Western Mathematics: New Perspectives

12:30-13:00 Lunch, to be served on premises

13:00 Marcus Giaquinto (UCL) Curves in Proofs

14:00 Angus Macintyre (QMUL) The Impact of Incompleteness on Pure Mathematics

15:00 David Corfield (Kent) The Reality of Mathematics

16:00 Panel discussion, with some wine being served.

17:00 End

Venue: All talks will take place in Frank Adams Room in MIMS in the Alan Turing Building at the University of Manchester. The building is 20 minutes walk from the city centre and 15 minutes walk from Piccadilly or Oxford Road train stations. Directions to MIMS are available.

Night before, Friday 3 October: for those particiapants, who come on Friday to stay overnight, or who are local, we suggest an informal get-together at 19:00 at Lass O’Gowrie with the aim of having dinner at 20:00 at East Z East Ibis Hotel on Princess street. Since an advanced booking for East Z East is needed, please notify me in advance that you are coming for dinner.

If you wish to attend, please, send an e-mail to


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