Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will they believe the PS?

"Dear all,

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your support last year, when The Galois Group first started organising lectures. Hopefully you will continue attending lectures next year as well.

As previous emails have mentioned, we are hoping to create a Maths Magazine (Infinite Descent) for the department which will be published YEARLY. However, for this to be a success your contributions are needed. Please consider writing something for us, be it an article, book reviews or some interesting mathematical questions. (You are experts in writing hard exam papers so this should be trivial!)

Here's some information for you to keep in mind:

1) Article guidelines are at most 1500 words, and pictures can be included as well. For book reviews the guideline is at most 500 words.
2) If you use LaTeX (don't kill me for writing that!) please can you send me any style files that you may use, with the .tex file.
3) The deadline for any submissions is Friday 24th October 2008.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any further questions, please feel free to email me.

Best wishes, Beans

PS: I didn't write the comments in brackets! "

I don't think that the staff at Manchester will believe the PS, but if they feel so strongly about anything I wrote they can send me an email about it! Or perhaps I should be more cautious, for I haven't graduated yet and don't know when I will.

What have I just gone on done. Doh. I will forward any email they send me to the person who sent that email. Yes, that sounds better. I have three submissions already, and a postgraduate student has guaranteed me a fourth on a topic I was on the look out for.

However I don't seem to have any mathematical problems submitted, so if any readers out there have any interesting problems that they like, please post a comment. (I may edit the comment for I don't want to spoil the magazine for anyone just yet, but I am quite desperate for challenging maths problems!) I want to have a whole page dedicated to maths problems (that I can't answer!) and make a little competition out of it, and the person who has the most correct answers by a certain date gets something. (Our funding covers a prize you see, which I made sure of!)

So Blogistan, here's your chance to get something published! (In the words of Edna from The Incredibles: Don't make me beg!) The problem doesn't have to be something you invented, but it can be a question from a text book that gave you a hard time, or an interesting problem left in the appendix of your lecturer's notes. Be creative. Surprise me. (This means pretty please with a cherry on top, can you help me?) I'll be in my office. :D (I need to stop pretending that I have an office, don't I?)

PS: I hope non of you confused "The PS" for the PS!


Beans said...

I would just like to thank Anatoly and Steve, for the questions they have sent me. Thanks!

More questions are welcome.

J said...

You might want to check out projecteuler.net, they have some good maths/programming problems!

Beans said...

Thanks for that link - I had a look and it is quite interesting. :)