Monday, August 18, 2008

Reality, Karma and a Cough.

Are we all ready for another weird post, that will talk about all things but maths? Damn... I shouldn't have said that too loudly! (Well there might be an epsilon amount of maths so don't be too hasty in your exits...)

Today I was watching a very interesting programme on TV, i.e. I was watching a documentary! It was about the human nervous system and how our bodies might react to pain. Pain is actually a good thing, and we would be worse off without such a sensation. It's was a brilliant programme and my nerves are still tingling with excitement because of it. *Lame joke number one connected to documentary*!

The human body fascinates me and I love learning about it. A word of advice though: if you ever come across an inflammation or swelling, it would be in your interest to get it checked. Swelling is our bodies way of telling us that something is wrong. Sigh. I best stop here before I go on forever! I find it great because I can see everything happening inside me. My white blood cells, kicking some bacteria's butt (and unfortunately not doing a good job at the moment, but you get the picture!); the epiglottis being a pain and not closing properly... Everything is just wow!

I would have recommended everyone to visit the Body Worlds display at the Museum of Science and Industry, but sadly it is over now. One thing I do recall from my own visit were the freaky eyes and the fact that everything in our body is actually very tightly packed together! Like pasta salad, with all the ingredients closely joined and mayonnaise being the sticky substance perhaps! I never visualise my digestive system as being tightly packed, but all spread out... But that's because I only ever visualise one system at a time, and never the circulatory system and breathing system together. Gah--wasn't I was meant to stop waffling about how great the human body is?

The point of the above three paragraphs was to introduce my cough! My brother was watching the programme with me and sadly he has the flu and a terrible cough. I, in a resigned tone had said: "I will evict you to the other room if you don't control that cough."

How very hypocritical of me, for we all know what happens when I get the horrible cough and am found running (apologetically) out of lectures for the fits to end. I didn't evict him before you think badly of me! Haha, we evicted my little sister instead for we decided it her was inane chatter which was a bigger distraction! (Once again, it was for five seconds because she is "unevictable"...).

Sod's law dictates, that because I dared say such a thing to my brother, I now have a blimmin cough myself. Brilliant. Tomorrow I will have to evict him from the house... (And then end up homeless myself!) Worry not, I will do no such thing. [I always clarify such things for I live in hope that someone as gullible as me exists!].

Anyway, if you were following the post title, this takes us to Karma. Bella (I think) once brought this up in a discussion we were having, and she believes in Karma. I googled the word for a proper definition and Karma is a connection between your "past, present and future" lives. In a nutshell (from wiki) "if you do good things, good things will happen to you — if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you,". So do you believe this?

I tend to say"what goes around comes around" for bad actions only (erm- some more English phrases!). I mean, your "bad" actions will catch up on you, but that doesn't necessarily mean that if you do good, good will happen to you. All that means is that you may or may not feel positive and happy about doing "good". I use speech marks around the words good and bad, for we all define them differently. I think killing a harmless and poison-less spider (!) is bad, whereas the next person stamps on them or gets the good old hoover out! However, I do think it will all get balanced out in the end for we are all accountable for our actions.

If I was to go all mathematical (!) it's like one of Newton's laws: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That was honestly an unintentional link so I will leave it there! *shudders* However, forget about the English phrase (what goes around...) I'm going to use the mathematical phrase from now on, in a mysterious and deep tone of course!

"So do you believe in Karma?"
"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, my young padawan."

I think I like Newton now. ;) (But not enough to talk about his law - muhahaha)!

So moving on to reality. The reality of another "human bean" that is. We all have our deep secrets, some which are dark and others that aren't. Po wanted to go on my computer and I couldn't remember if I had logged out of my user account. I stalled the situation, for if I hadn't logged out then he would find my browser which is always open. Now one of my secrets is this blog, but I am not really that scared if Po found out. Nevertheless it is something which I hide from everyday people. I have other things which I keep to myself, but that's what we all do.

But what happens when someone accidentally reveals a secret? Suppose it is an evil and horrible secret which changes the way you see someone? Are such secrets worth having? Is it worth doing something that you shouldn't? (Eg. steal.) Today I believe Harrison Ford's quote on Air Force One (!): If you give someone a cookie they'll want the glass of milk too. (Well it's something like that!) And before anyone disagrees, I thought that movie was fantastic. I watched it when I was into my computer fighter plane games, and I still watch it when it comes on TV!

I think I'm going to end this weird post here. I deliberately went backwards, but as I was told, in an article or report, if you mention an order of some sort then you have to continue with the same order throughout. I wrote a introductory paragraph with an order (lectures, magazine, forum), but I then went and shuffled things around in the rest of the piece. Editors will do this weird symbol on your work when they correct it, if they find that happening (as I was told). You have to be consistent. \end{aside}

The questions I have been left asking are: would you rather not know someone's reality, for then do you have a responsibility to do something? Are you just meant to sit back and watch things fall apart and hope for the best, or should you try to intervene? For example, if you discovered that your best friend was taking serious drugs--what would you do? Then again, is it right for someone to interfere in a decision which someone has made? But then how can one close their eyes to the drugs (eg) which are obviously being consumed?

Hopefully I will know of what to do, and I would say that the reality I discovered is much worse than the drugs example above. (Perhaps I have found my first victim to quote Newton's law!) :p


Steph said...

May I suggest you read "Genome" or "Nature via Nurture" by Matt Ridley.

Excellent writer, excellent books. I find them extremely interesting; it almost makes me want to be a geneticist, if I weren't so hopelessly paranoid about finding out I have some unusual genetic disorder.

Hope the cough gets better.

Beans said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look them up on the 26th August when I next visit the library (I've had enough of them taking my money, so I'm being more careful about when my books are due back now!)

Lol, I would say that to some people, being a mathematician is classed as a genetic disorder! I think I'm not that a big a fan of genes though, for I had a nightmare of a time learning about DNA replication at college!

Thanks--I just hope that my voice doesn't go again!