Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nuno's question - The four hippos

Nuno is my new best friend. He defended my mathematical honour as others suggested I was an incompetent fool (rightly so on this occasion, but Nuno wasn't to know)! They mocked the fact that I was studying for a Mathematics degree, as I hung my head in shame unable to meet anyone's eye. My mistake had been something unmentionable and will be left to ones imagination.

Nuno though, set me a question to test my Mathematical competence and to give me back my honour.

"If 4 hippos want to go to Africa and the ticket men said £50.00 for each hippo and the hippos only had £10.00 each how many more do they need altogether?"

I haven't corrected anything that he wrote (he's in primary school), but I'm stalling on giving him my solution. It's crunch time you see and if I get the answer wrong I will fall in his eyes. He stood up for me when all laughed. What if the answer isn't £163.60 and it's £203.60? What if I should use a calculator instead of my head? It might even be a trick question! (And you all know how I make a fool out of myself when it comes to them!) Hmmm, well first things first - I need my cup of tea...

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