Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Mathmo

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages... hi. A simple greeting escaped my mouth, as the long barrage of sentences wanting to escape my mouth remain deadlocked in a fierce battle. Well long being "Hiya" and "Good evening".

So what brings me to my blog today? To this haven of some sort, which has been lost for quite a while in my ickle mind. Today is the weekend you see and after five weeks I had a driving lesson. It was a near death experience, and everyone's jokes about not hitting anything very nearly came alive. I guess the adrenaline rush is what is keeping me going, but boy was it scary. And before anyone asks or suggests something ridiculous like it was my fault, I must halt your thoughts. I was innocent on this occasion, but how I managed to stop the car and get moving again, I don't know.

I seem to have a very high "sense of flight" (the hormone too). When I am in a situation where I feel threatened, I try to get out as soon as possible. However, in a car I need to be more mindful and composed when I'm "legging it".

During the semester when a lecturer had mentioned my blog during an example class, I had panicked for my friends had been around and other students too. This was stupid of me and I should have gone to the lecturer before I left, and clarified what my "helpless grunting" had meant. Instead, I disappeared thinking that the wave would pass. It didn't and the story led me to another lecturer who sometimes flicks through my blog, who helped calm me down before I did anything rash, such as remove this thing! That was a very nervy period for me and I think if I hadn't been told that other students reading my blog wasn't such a big issue, I would have done something stupid. (I didn't comment much about this at the time for I wasn't really thinking straight!) So a big cheer to the lecturer who gave this blog a lifeline. (I still don't want the Tweenies to know about this though!)

Hmm, I was talking about driving right? I was very rusty and had three major incidents (including the near accident). The accident was due to this silly woman who hadn't seen me and turned right, right in front of me. She only noticed me when my instructor honked at her, and her mouth had flew open! After that I sort of came out of the junction to quickly, but I'm alive (I'll pretend to have not heard the sighs). What can I say, I'm a survivor! {\lame}

I think that my euphoric high is no longer present, so you can all relax now an embrace yourselves for more possible "lameness":The word you read at number one is "Mathmo". You see Mathemagician was too long and on the spot I couldn't think of anything else related to Maths. It wasn't the wisest of decisions, so if anyone has any better suggestions I'm all ears. My name was meant to either meant to induce fear in the hearts of the other players, or they were meant to scoff and put me down as an easy opponent (and then hopefully be surprised!). I got the definite weird look as I loudly exclaimed "mathmo--that's me, a mathematician", but I think I also detected anger in the hearts of some players. They are young though, I thought, and will soon learn that their naive anger will win them no games!

The games were good fun and as you can see, I actually won on this occasion! The brilliant thing about lazer quest is that it takes me into the gaming world (or so I feel). The adrenaline rush is also great, but there are some players who play unfairly. I am talking about the ginger **** (in the nicest way possible) who grabbed my gun as his mate shot me. I did get my revenge, but we lost that round.

Oh and finally, I got the book that I paid the library £10 in fines for. Indeed a late birthday present, but it's my own copy though: What is Mathematics by "Courant, Robbins and Stewart". Perhaps this will give me the mathematical kick that I have needed, but erm... yeah... let us not go down that alleyway today. Great. I think that's all (apart from some news which I shall not mention...) My four week nightmare really put me off, but I should now pull myself together and get moving again (preferably in first gear, so I don't stall again!)

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