Monday, August 18, 2008

It costs to be lazy

Without a doubt Recorded Delivery should only have cost £1.32; well it had to be less than £1.50. I was erm very very tired when I came home today (nothing to do with the Internet!) and asked Po to send a letter for me by recorded delivery. I left two pounds near the letter and as a bribe I said he could keep the change! Sweet.

Well until I was conned into coughing out another 75p! Pfft. The youth of today.

Anyway, do you think that mathematicians should get paid for being lazy? Well paid to fund their lazy antics? (Not that I'm being selfish and thinking about myself here....) Well someone to make me food would be great if you are asking! (I think my Mum is reaching her boiling point. But that's all my fault of course).

I will return to my grumbling and try to reclaim my lost pennies and honour. It is no longer about the money now, but something much much bigger. (I just hope that I don't lose a few teeth--Po has massive hands!)


Anatoly said...

"do you think that mathematicians should get paid for being lazy?"

Yes, but only if the mathematician succeeds to convince the rest that he didn't do anything today because he is "thinking about complicated problems" (and not because he is lazy).
It is easier for programmers - they just say that the "code is compiling".....

Beans said...

Haha, I have seen an xkcd comic about the programmers compiling!

So how can a mathematician convince everyone that he's been busy thinking? I think a note book in your pocket with random scribbles might do the trick... Or alternatively, drink even more tea and leave the mugs lying around!

Anatoly said...

Yes, I was thinking about this xkcd when I wrote about programmers. I am not a fan of xkcd, but sometimes this comic is very good.

I once heard a story about somebody who used a pdf with formulas for partial differential equations in order to appear busy while at work. Instead of working, he surfed the net. When anybody came near he maximized the pdf to fill all of the screen. Even the IT guys run away when they saw what he was "working" on...

In a less serious situation I am sure a notebook with random staff will do fine.

Beans said...

I don't regularly read xkcd's comic, but as you say he sometimes has really good ones.

Ha, I think everyone has been guilty of doing what the pde guy did! When I couldn't do the Matlab questions in the workshop module, I had alt-tab handy for when my supervisor walked passed!

I don't think non-mathematicians will pay mathematicians though, but I'll carry some random stuff just in cae.:p