Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GCSE Results Day: D-Day

Aaahhhh. Tomorrow everyone will be getting their GCSE results at 10am, but not me. However, silly Po is getting his results tomorrow and the daft duffer has my heart racing too! Pfft. Hopefully Po will have done fine, and best of luck to everyone else who is waiting for their results.

It seems like only yesterday that I got my GCSE results, and them were the days when I used to go to sleep at sunrise because I didn't want to toss and turn, tortured by thoughts of my results. Po's been much better behaved than I was, but it hit him today so he's passing his distress to everyone! (I confess to deliberately not helping him to relax, for when I was nervous about my University exam results he always used to mention them when I was eating something. Pfft.)

GCSE's don't seem like a big deal to me any more. I guess in terms of having progressed through college and getting to University, they seem rather small. However they were very important when I was 16, and hard work for a lazy idiot like myself. The result I cared about the most was my Maths and I was actually the last person to collect my results! I was busy celebrating my friends success as my phone rang with my Dad enquiring about my results. Doh. Yes, I remember it all. My friends tears of joy, faces slim with sadness and the jumps of relief are so vivid in my mind. (Not forgetting my own silliness as well!)

But tomorrow is not about me - it's about Po. He's got immense pressure on his shoulders (unfortunately) due to certain factors. He's honest - he wants to get more than me and the rest of us (He's unlucky to have a cousin the same age as him too!). I had felt that the pressure of beating us older ones (!) should not have been there for Po, for I'm about four years older than him. I guess we all have different ways to motivate ourselves, and I'd be lying if I didn't have a similar motivation at school. (Well I hadn't been helped by a relative exclaiming that I will never be able to get the results that Tinky Winky had!)

I didn't do brilliantly (especially in a certain language!) however I am confident that Po will do better. He better not let me down in his Maths, for he's going to be studying A Level Maths. I actually dissuaded Po from studying Further Maths, so he's gone for Physics instead. (AHH) It's not that Po is not capable of further maths, but something warned me to back off and let him make his own decision. (Which can still be changed...)

So once again, good luck to all and I hope y'all do good in your maths. ;)

PS: By the way, the person who I helped with AS Maths got a C!


Steph said...

I remember GCSE results day too. Scary stuff. Good Luck to Po.

Beans said...

I don't think we'll ever forget them kind of days, due to the tension that is normally built around them! Cheers, I'll let him know. (Whatever the result, my wallet is going is going to be emptied tomorrow!)