Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Using LaTeX in Blogger

Many \sout{people} mathematicians tend to use Wordpress to blog due to the simplicity of using LaTeX to type maths. I obviously don't post that much maths (!) but whenever I do, it is not as difficult as it once used to be.

I started of by using the TeXer to create images, which I then would upload into the post. This wasn't a particularly good method because firstly I didn't know much about LaTeX, and secondly the images didn't look too good when inserted into the posts.

There then came a time when I had my formal introduction to LaTeX--the start of a new relation! (Slightly rocky at the moment, but we will work it out as always... with Steve's help of course!) However this new relations didn't help my posts look good because I was still inserting images.

Now the master of LaTeX, Steve, enters the equation who set me up with a really easy way to insert mathematics into my posts (probably in the hope that I will write more stuff about maths! :p)

What is this easy way you ask? That's the reason behind this post you see, for as I was surfing through Blogistan today I noticed that many people weren't aware of this beautiful resource that Steve has cooked up.

So here is a step by step guide (you better strap in though for it's going to be a long ride!)

1) Follow this link which will take you to a post on Steve's page on "Using LaTeX in Wordpress".

2) Scroll down until you find download math Tex helper.

3) Click on the link and download the winzip file by saving it where you normally would; the desktop in my case . (Note: if you couldn't find the link in the above post then I have linked it above!)

4) Open the Zip file (mathtex_images.zip) and extract the file inside (only one) onto the desktop.

5) Double click on the extracted file and you are done.

OK fine, it wasn't really five steps--I was just jesting with you! I didn't even have to post a "step by step" guide but hey, you can't now complain about not knowing how to use LaTeX in blogger! By the way, after step five I am hoping that it is obvious as to what you have to do next.

Don't forget to thank Steve. :)


Anatoly said...

Interesting script, thanks.
I am now using a greasemonkey script for this purpose. It allows you to write in Latex in the post, and then converts it into an image and insets it automatically (without the need to copy/paste html).

Beans said...


I did dabble into grease monkey once upon a time, but it was too messy for me. I prefer this because it is separate.

MZ said...


I have a website called 1researcher.com that allows users to create Research Notes using LateX and post them on a Blog. It is still a BETA release, but I wonder if it is useful to you.

Beans said...

Hi MZ,

Thanks for the link. I won't be creating any Research Notes (!) just yet, but I'll have a look.

sumidiot said...

I've been using the script described at


which uses a javascript file from


which converts as much math it can to mathml, after the document loads. I also wrote up a little bit about it on my site


I'm not saying it's the best solution, but it's another option. I'm looking forward to playing with the things mentioned in your post and the comments.

Beans said...

Hi sumidiot :D Sorry, I meant hi Nick but I just couldn't resist. (Cool blog title by the way!)

Thanks for the links and information. I'll give them a read during the weekend. (Working makes me brain dead so the information probably wouldn't register today).

The more options the better in my opinion. :)

watchmath said...

Hi, I have another solution to write latex on Blogger. It is based on mathtex.
It can write latex symbol by just putting latex code inside two dollar signs.
Check out my article here: http://watchmath.com/vlog/?p=438

mars creature said...

I was wondering what makes google so reluctant to pay attention to Latex. blogger, google site etc. just do not have any easy Latex plugin. I was using blogger, but find it is not worth spending time on such configurations. I switched to wordpress which has tons of plugins.