Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some Latin Abbreviations

Latin abbreviations do tend to pop up quite often, and I recall googling "et al" once upon a time! So below is a list of some abbreviations and the meanings, which I found on the internet.

a) cf -- compare
b) etc. -- and so on
c) viz. -- namely
d) c. -- around, about
e) N.B. -- note well, pay attention
f) et al. -- and the others
g) ibid. -- in the same place
h) i.e. -- that is
i) e.g. -- for example

I actually didn't know a few of them it seems, I mean "c", where would you ever see that?


Jake said...

c. or circa is usually used connections with dates e.g. Pythagoras was born circa 580 B.C.

steve said...

"c", where would you ever see that?
History - see Circa

Beans said...

Thanks Jake and Steve.

I have seen circa around, but didn't realise that it was the same as c.