Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An old maxim about presentations

The following is something my Dad told me at a very young age. Well I was in secondary school and about to give my first "public speech", and was discussing the topic with my Dad. He then decided to "improvise" on my topic, so I quickly jotted down whatever he started saying, and tried to incorporate that into my speech.

The saying:

Tell them what you’re going to tell them
Tell them
Tell them what you’ve told them.

Even when I did my Galois Group lecture (and offhandedly mentioned it to Pops) he repeated the above three lines, however there was no need this time. Indeed (if I recall correctly!) I started with telling the audience that I was going to tell them two accounts of Galois's life, and it was up to them whichever they chose to believe! I then told them the story (in a slightly messy way) and summarised at the end.

I like them three lines because straight away they give you natural structure. I don't always use them though, for some situations don't require them, however they give you a beginning, a middle and an end.

These thoughts come to me as I think about next year, and think that some students are not volunteering because they have possibly never done something like this in their life. Hopefully though, once the email is sent out, students will volunteer. (Drop me an email if you are interested. Pretty please!)

A quick paragraph or two on where I have disappeared too. Well no where really but I am being a really really stupid person and not going to sleep on time. Work and no sleep means my brain is disengaged as soon as I come home. Sigh.

I have got started on TGG's website, but if any person is interested or has a website in their back pocket, then this bean is interested. I have my basic template, but I just need to sort out this css business and, well I have gone to Dreamweaver for help! I've also been playing around with Beamer and more on that when I move from A to B. What else, apart from the usual mumbo jumbo? My holidays will not go as anticipated and are definitely going to be the worst of the bunch. I sometimes wish I had a proper team for TGG and then I wouldn't always be using "the Royal" we. I haven't got started on my jobs for TGG which is causing me to stir in epsilon panic...

Oh, before I forget, The Forbidden Kingdom is a must watch movie. It's not just about Kung Fu (OK I lie) but still, it made me laugh and kept me entertained throughout. There is this one particular scene which still makes me laugh, which is when Jackie Chan tries to "make rain". Jet Li and Jackie Chan in one movie is a must watch. \end{aside}

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