Friday, July 18, 2008

Okay Doctor, what now?

Someone just told me: "Okay Doctor, what now?"

That's the most fantastic thing to say to a Dr. Who fan (and someone whose read The Metamorphosis!) What's wrong with the world today? Is tomorrow going to be a horrible day, hence the sweetness today? Oh, I have been invited to a birthday bash tomorrow, and it's for a four year old--mini bear, a fellow Dr. Who fan. He normally runs to my room as soon as he enters the house, and takes my "Dr. Who toys" downstairs and plays with them, hence why he's getting some tomorrow.

Talking about Doctors, for all those who haven't heard, Craig Laughton (author of Gooseania) has passed his viva with minor corrections. So after his graduation in winter, he will "officially" be called Dr. Craig Laughton. (But we don't really care for officialness here).

Craig's acheivement took me down to memory lane (again!) for it was indeed his and Professor Borovik's blog, which motivated me to create my own ickle thing. Understandably mine is somewhat disorganised (I'm only a child, I mean undergrad), but rest assured not all of us are like this.

I found Craig's blog when I was desperately searching for my workshop supervisors email address, because I couldn't understand something. On the postgrads page though, I found some home pages which sparked my interest. I hope that Craig does continue writing something, for it definitely has been a good read! Indeed, before I made my blog, I invented the "Craig spotting game". One point for seeing him in the Newman building (doesn't that make you feel old!) and points increased the further away you moved from Newman. OK, I'm lying about this game, but I did used to see him sometimes (workshop mainly) and go "found you" to myself, whilst he didn't know who I was. That's obviously changed now, thanks to the new building, but he's harmless so I can breathe in peace!

The trio of Manchester Maths blogs will be broken now. (Now you can get the tissues out, or find someone to fill that hole!) And no I'm not only saying nice things about Craig because he came to The Galois Group lectures... (Am I that transparent. ;) ). He will be missed in Manchester, but all the best to him for the future. It was his blog which got me wanting to do a PhD myself, but I am being realistic about that now. :)

Can I go back to pretending that I'm "The Doctor" now? :D


Craig said...

Hi Beans,

Thank you for your kind words about my blog :) I really hope that another Manchester postgrad (current or future!) will pick up the baton and continue to illuminate postgraduate life, as it is often very mysterious to outsiders.

If you do stick around for a PhD, then I guess, it could be you!

Beans said...

Hi Craig,

I do recall that Hadi had a blog once! Perhaps we can convince him to continue it?

That's a big if, and I am sure that Prof. S would be happy if I did stick around! I think I'm too lazy to actually do one, but we can only ever speculate about these things.

Honestly speaking, I think you should continue writing in some form or other. :)