Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nesin Mathematics Village in Turkey

Well I am guessing that Nesin Matematik Koyu translates to Nesin Mathematics Village. This is the very same Summer School whose activities made us happy, when reported by Professor Borovik last year. However soon an outrage followed as the school was made to close, due to some "dodgy" reason or other. As Stuart Little once said (or was it his dad?) there's always a silver lining in the cloud, and we were all happy to hear that through the perseverance of the Professor Ali Nesin (I believe) and others who I don't know (but who still deserve credit), the school reopened again.

This post though, is concerning the activities of the school this year. The Summer School has had a make over and is now called... *drum roll*... Nesin Mathematics Village, whose homepage can be found here. (There is a button which says "English" under the banner). As you can see it is no longer a Summer School any more, but much more.

Once again I find this a fantastic creation and wouldn't mind something similar taking place closer to home (eg Manchester). I say this because I am officially a lazy so and so and can't seem to motivate myself to learn from books. (My mum made it official by calling me a lazy ***, which I will leave you to guess!) I feel hypocritical sometimes when I talk about how maths is cool and then I can't open a text book to learn something new. I seem to always need lectures/lecturers to motivate me to study a module further. (This is why I am now rethinking a third year project now... So how many times have I changed my mind already?)

Back to the Summer School. At Manchester MODNET took place this year but that was for pesky I mean, awesome and lucky post graduate students! (Nah--I'm not bitter about this arrangement... honest!) Sigh. That was one of them sighs of "longing". Nesin Mathematical Village is the whole package. It has everything a mathematician could possibly ask for, although I am not sure if I read anything about tea!

The positives we can take from the Village's activity (NO-this is not The Village) is that one should never give up. Regardless of whether the issue at hand is a Maths summer school or an English book club, you should not be afraid to rock the boat. I asked the question to an old friend the other day, about whether or not stubbornness is a good quality to have. Stubbornness has many forms: assertiveness and persistence to name a few. Ali Nessin was persistent and achieved what he has, so here's hoping for another successful year of Summer School.

I can't really comment on the activities of the place, but I imagine that they must be similar to what Professor Borovik described last year. (I'll leave the mathematical activities to ones imagination!)

PS: Anyone interested in started something like this in Manchester should drop me an email!

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