Monday, July 07, 2008

Knowing a little about everything

This post is basically for the following quote:

"Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything, we ought to know a little about everything."
- Blaise Pascal

Which I think is a very nice way of putting things.

I was supposed to go back to that school this week but I still can't walk "fluently" so that hasn't been possible. I have been hobbling but I can't run or jump, which is what I'm waiting for. That being said I will be going "back to school" on Wednesday regardless of the ankle because the maths teacher wants me to help with the open day. (Something to do with paper folding!)

I don't want to go back for two reasons. Firstly I erm... haven't completed the resource sheets yet (!) and secondly, I was enjoying doing nothing i.e. going to sleep when the sun is rising, and waking up at midday! Hey, that's my typical holiday routine so don't you shake your heads just yet. Some say it's at that time of the day that I get my bright ideas. Well I will have to contest that myself, but when everyone's asleep I can "work in peace" so to speak, without any distractions. At this moment in time though, I haven't been liking the routine because it can be counter productive; for if I'm unsuccessful in working at midnight, my whole day has been wasted.

Also waking up early is great for then you feel like you have your whole day in front of you. See, I contradict myself! (So I suppose you can continue muttering under your breath and shaking your head!) People find it hard to believe that I do this, but I'm not oversleeping... just sleeping at the wrong time. Perhaps going back to school will sort me out for a few days. I haven't done any work this week due to my sulky teenage behaviour, because of not being able to walk. I did manage to watch a whole series of Dr. Who and a great many movies though, with a lot of tennis thrown in. (Not that exciting I must admit, but to make myself feel better, I had to have a week of being a slob!)

So my agenda for The Galois Group stares me in the face, but it causes me a mild panic now. Here's is a little of what I have to do:

I have to find a lecturer for the first ever lecture. This is very important but I have the names, they just need asking. After this I have to contact all students begging I mean asking them to volunteer to give a lecture, and reminding others of their past promises. If that fails my backup plan is to ask last years students to do another lecture.

I also have to start my work on Infinite Descent, which once again requires millions of emails to be sent out. I'm waiting for the opportune moment to send these emails, which isn't just yet. (I don't think students want to reminded about university soon after their results have been disclosed).

There's loads more too, about advertising etc. but I won't bore you with that. I also have to do some reading about my potential project. After I've done an epsilon amount of reading I will see Dr. C to decide whether or not I want to do a project. Hmm. My next year module options are going to very very tricky. Namely because I'm going to choose them under the assumption that I will be doing four years, even though I haven't transferred onto that course yet, but in case I do. Whether or not I do a project will also play a large factor in this, but do you think it is foolish for me not to do the project because I have a higher chance of doing badly in it, in comparison to a written exam? Sigh. Some people are telling me that I am fool for doing a project when it's not compulsory, whereas others are telling me to go for it. I guess one reason as to why I want to do a project is that if I don't do four years, I'll have at least done some sort of project.

The other cack thing is that my first two years count for Jack if I do do four years, which isn't very good since I've done OK! I can't imagine next year to be easy, so do I let my motivation be "the final end product" that is my degree classification, or should it be maths. I still want to meet my expectations, but this year I messed up by taking the risky option. (I did logic and discrete even though I was advised not to. I argued that I want to do the maths etc whereas my friends told me that the result matters. They won at the end of the day.) Or did I fail because of my other ambitions? Lots of questions but I do worry about how I am going to finish university with the degree I want at this moment in time.

OK, this post has gone on for longer than anticipated. Now you know what my friend meant, during college, when she loudly exclaimed, "Do you know something Beans, you think too much!" I don't think too much (erm!), but I unnecessarily worry about too much sometimes, which can't be helped. (Or can it?)

Well all these tiny beads actually contribute to my heart beat rising stupidly, when I think about next year. (NEXT YEAR! I'm mad - the holidays have just started. Well four weeks have already zoomed by). I need to get into a positive routine during these holidays.... starting from next week of course. :D

I'm in a cyclic mood at the moment so we will finish with a quote too:

"You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty."
- Cecil Baxter

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