Friday, July 18, 2008

A first time for everything

I don't normally do "pop quizzes" like what kind of fruit are you, but a friend sent me a curious link which I couldn't resist attempting. Namely because it was called: What one word embodies you? I like playing with words, and my curiosity got the better of me, but still I normally wouldn't post such things on my blog. However I will post the result on this occasion because it is somewhat freaky!

I am the embodiment of Freedom. You are person that loves to live and breathe the open air. You loathe structure and convention, and rather love freeform. There is no such thing as limits or boundaries in your vocabulary, because you view them as man-made creations that are utterly useless. No one can contain you except yourself, and your attitude is that that is how it should be. You are a person that can go up, down, horizontal, diagonal�ultimately any which way you please.

*Shudders* Freaky because just the other day someone mentioned that I have rough edges, and told said that my teachers should have smoothed them out when I was at school. (This person was scared because my "rough edges" were scratching his smooth surface! Ha, but he's an OK guy some days.)

So which word embodies you? (Call me a nosey git...)


Anatoly said...

Interesting quiz.. I got:
"I am the embodiment of Truth. Your curiosity has an insatiable appetite, and is the most essential thing that drives you. You question everything and constantly strive to uncover universal truths. You are a person enchanted by history, and you study it religiously in hopes of being the one to discover The Truth. You take nothing at face value, and know that if you want the truth you'll have to dig for it. However, this is a double-edged sword for sometimes the truth is staring you right in the face and you can't even see it. "

The part about history is wrong, but the rest seems to be accurate. Which is surprising for such a short quiz..

Beans said...

Yeah, I was surprised by it too!

I asked my friend for a word as well, and she said "kaleidoscope" which I like too. :p

Steph said...

I apparently am also the embodiment of truth.

Beans said...

You disagree?

Steph said...

I suppose I would agree with it. Although, as anatoly says- except for the history bit.

It is interesting that having retaken the quiz several times where I substitued my orignal answers with other possible answers I might choose... I still got exactly the same result.

Beans said...

I think though, we all have a little bit of everything in us, but some things are more dominant than others. (If that made sense...)