Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Dissappear, evaporate..."

"And teleport?"
"Gah, just *.....* We're trying to watch something here!" (I'll leave the blank to your imagination!)

Fine I confess. I've been watching too much Dr. Who lately, but you've got to let me have my one second of "sense of achievement". "I'll just teleport outside..." No? I see you are "not amused" then*. :D But I like it and I'm using it (but perhaps I should wait for my ankle to heal before I try any more party tricks!)

Whoops sorry again. I got the box sets for my birthday (because they became number one on my list you see!) and they are just brilliant. One reason why I like Dr. Who so much is that I don't have to worry about it not making sense. Isn't that just great? You would think that since I don't make sense half of the time and Dr. Who (sometimes) doesn't make sense, both of us would understand one another!? It's not always like that, but we have an understanding. (I'm slower on the uptake).

It's just my dad and me though, who you will find watching this show, for everyone else finds it (and us!) sad. There is something about the show that amazes me, but ask me what if you ever see me.

I think that's my one second over, so I'll erm... just teleport away! (Don't you just love it?!)


Steph said...

I like your summer plans.

Beans said...

Hi Steph,

Cheers, but it's weird how you mention my summer plans. I actually decided to start working on them from Monday you see (and I am liking them less now!)

Steph said...

Well I wish you luck as, for me, summer plans have always remained just that.. plans.

Although saying that, I have always had a major activity to be getting along with for the past 4 summers.

Beans said...

Well normally my summer plans always remain plans, but this year I know that I have to do certain things otherwise my next year will be like this one! I'm namely talking about my Galois Group agenda which has fifteen things on it, so the more I do now, the better it should be.

The agenda is huge because I'm being sort of ambitious, and I'm also trying to do something which will hopefully ensure that TGG continues even when I leave. :(

I think that after I go to University to sort the timetable out, I will be more motivated.

What kind of activities have you got on with, if you don't mind me asking? (Are they maths related?)

Steph said...

I think the Galois Group sounds like a really good idea. I did a series of seminars (every Monday and Tuesday) with a Masters student and PhD student last year and the topics were "Algebraic Geometry" (Mon) and "Local Class Field Theory" (Tue) where we took it in turns to lecture from some books. It was really very good. Although sadly I couldn't get any of my friends to join in. It got me really used to speaking and using the board though.

Last year I got a bursary to stay at the university and so a research project.. so I had to do something then. I also went to a summer school in Germany. And the year before I worked in America for a while and then travelled around. That was good because I got to visit Princeton and I walked around the Advanced Institute and up and down Einstein Drive and Oppenheimer road. It was much fun.

Beans said...

Actually what you did is something really good as well, for in that way you actually learnt maths. And as you say, you got used to speaking and using the board. Hmmm, you have given me an idea (thanks!) but let us see how it pans out.

I did mention to my friends once, that since we no longer have supervisions how about we set our own up, but they didn't like it very much too. We do have informal discussions, but I felt if we were together in a room with one person at the board in front, it could be beneficial.

Wow, your summer holidays have been great fun! :) Did you see any "famous" mathematicians on your travels? Mine holidays seem to be heading towards working full time at the moment. :/