Sunday, June 22, 2008

What I have done this weekend

To make myself feel slightly better (even though I shouldn't!) I will rephrase that as "what I will do by tomorrow morning", namely because I have done absolutely nothing for the past two days.

Well I have watched football, crippled my back again, watched Dr. Who (more on that some other time) and erm... lots of other "productive" things which won't help me tomorrow.

I have a lesson to give tomorrow, and I have yet to prepare anything for it. I am hating this placement now, because I am badly stressed once again. Internally I am battling with my organs to process exam results stress (which contributes to my sleepless nights), and now this added stress is causing me premature hair loss (\hyperbole)! Technically speaking we should get the results next week, and that mere thought has my stomach clenched in worry. And then they ask me why I am not looking forward to my birthday. Well if they didn't ask me about the results and birthday in one breath, then maybe I could have given them a straight answer. Sigh.

It is ridiculous to think that I am feeling this stressed out. That school have worked me like a dog (in some instances, but let me add \hyperbole too!) which I think is unfair. How can they expect me to write up a whole batch of question sheets on my own? Oh, I forgot to mention, I haven't even got started on these and have to finish them by Friday. This is going to be a heck of a week. Three lessons and the resources, and I haven't got started on any.

For tomorrows lesson I am making a damn slide show. Well the idea is to stick pictures on it, about the various stages of making the hexaflexagons so the students have visual confirmation of the stages we are at. I will be doing the folding at the front, but for those who don't pay attention, something on the board might be useful. This shouldn't really take too long, so I should finish this sometime after midnight. Once I have done my first lesson on these, the other two lessons should be "easier" because I will just have to tweak the show a little.

I will have to leave work on the resources as a one big over night project...

On one hand I want to ask the school if I can stay till the end of the year, but only come in two/three days a week; and on the other hand I want to run as far away from the school as I can. My desire to stay longer is two folds. One is because I enjoy supporting the teacher and I am learning a lot about how I can improve myself as a teacher, and secondly because BT is organising a teacher vs teachers tournament of some sort, which I want to participate in. OK, this is childish on my part, but in this way BT and myself will be competing on equal and fair footings (unless she cheats which is very likely). Well I have to show the mathematicians that we're not really losers!! (This makes me sound like a "git" as I was told, but it has become really annoying now, being told to "get lost" or "shut up" that is.) I doubt this is going to be a football tournament though, which is unfortunate, however we would like many of the staff members to take part you see.

A question to any teachers out there: is it no longer allowed to organise a teachers vs. student game? Forget the fact that you wouldn't want to play against students because they're evil, but is this "legal"?

When I was at school we always had such games and only once did it become nasty. The teachers didn't like being booed at every move they made, which was their excuse for losing! Anyway, I heard that this is not possible any more but from a not very trustworthy source (so confirmation would be nice!)

Whoops. I better shut up now. The great thing about this placement ending is that I will be able to start doing some reading for my possible project, and get to work on my too adventurous TGG agenda. At the moment I have changed my mind about doing a double project and am only considering a single one. Let us see how long this decision lasts.

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