Friday, June 13, 2008

The weekend

Never in my life have I been so happy that it is a Friday today. I was on time again (yes 8am!) but today I had a spring in my step for another reason. Yes, I was going to the AT building after my day finished, and my TGG calling was growing in strength.

The first lesson was Art and the students have done some marvellous work indeed. I had a nice conversation with the art teacher, about maths and art; recalling The Galois Group lecture I had attended about this!

I observed a maths lesson too, which really vexed me out. Well a student who had brought nothing to school today, apart from a pen had actually vexed me out; and as the teacher had rightly exclaimed the students attitude stank. I learnt something new during the lesson, which was the positive I clung onto for a long time. (Well not new but it was something about the LCM which I had forgotten).

During the day I was given my project too. Basically I have a check-list which I aim to complete. It is not neccessary but recommended to give me the most out of this experience. One item on the list was to create resources to be used in the class, and hey, I have to design a series of worksheets over the next two weeks. What joy. Actually, it is for the higher set so I don't have to worry too much about hardness.

Po said to me: "You'll be a rubbish teacher beans." (Note insert a more "creative" word for rubbish!)

Po is possibly right, however I have realised why Po didn't like me when I tried to assist him (Noddy gave the same reason too.) Po had a question and I responded with another question. Po didn't like that at all. It is my fault to some extent, because I forgot that Po was revising for an exam the next day and didn't really care about what the work could lead too, but that's another problem I have. If we get from a to b in one piece, I always try to see how far the student can travel towards c. Some tell me to get lost and are not interested, but others play along with what I say and then exclaim "ahh, I see." That one "I see" is worth it, but the million "get losts" do annoy me sometimes.

I'm not annoyed with Po, but I'm disappointed. Po is mathematician material, however the fire that Po had for maths has gone. Still I hope that if Po decides to attend college, he will take up Maths. (However, Po has already informed me that he will never ask me for help again!)

So I have a resource project to do (over the weekend hopefully) and next week I will mainly be working in the maths department, but this time supporting lessons. I am meant to design and deliver a starter, which I am dreading. (Gah)(Gah)! \lame... Ha, I shouldn't have gone to the AT building today, for the bridge I had built regarding this placement has crumbled. Yes, I will now try not to go to the maths building until my three weeks are over. (It's the best way to handle things, for at this moment in time, I am once again hating the prospect of Monday.)

OH, I have just remembered something that I discovered about myself (nothing big don't worry). I don't like it very much when people decide for me that I can't do a certain thing. This is a dodgy statement, for I obviously can't speak French. That's not the point though. Say for example that I was learning to speak French at this moment in time, and someone comes along and loudly exclaims, "You'll never be able to speak French properly" or"I don't think French is for you, don't bother." Now wouldn't that infuriate anyone?

I will leave that point where it is, for I fear about going into a long silly rant. It suffices to say that if someone had said that to me whilst I was learning French, I would have been more determined to prove them wrong. (Whether I do end up proving them correct is another question. I perhaps might never be fluent in French, but there's no harm in trying!)

Right enough of the SAS for now. This weekend is going to be SAS free for my blog. The poor thing hasn't looked this pale for quite some time now! (Whoops, I lost another screw today but you were all expecting that I hope.) I mentioned my trek to the maths building in the second half of my post earlier today, and I have learnt from it too. (In this post I have really controlled the "i.e's" the "etcs", the dashes and ""too! But perhaps I shouldn't have written them then, for that spoils is right?)

This weekend I have to do what Mick and Anna asked me to do two weeks ago, and start working on my list. I stole another book of Dr. Coleman (some number theory one) but this is going back as soon as possible, and I will find a library copy. (It looks to be a brand new copy you see and I don't trust myself!) It being paper back is not a good thing too, for hard back books are the way forward (albeit a more expensive way). OK, I waffle now, trying to recall forever lost information.

Somebody enquired as to how I could even think about University work and maths, now that my exams are over. I sighed inwardly and reasoned that this summer has to be productive otherwise I may end up not doing the project and other things too. And we don't want that right? Alright, alright, I'm going now...

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