Monday, June 16, 2008


After Steve's comment about Hexaflexagons, I obviously had to have a go myself. Whilst doing so, memories of my primary school days and chatter boxes came back to me; however whenever I tried to make a chatterbox I made a boat instead. Frustrated I called for backup in the form of Nuno, whose at primary school. Nuno patiently explained what I was doing wrong and it all came back to me.

On this site about Hexaflexagons there are a couple of you tube videos and one caught my eye. It was the video of how to make a "pajarita", otherwise known as my chatterbox. I was mildly surprised at this hence my post.

It's funny how you do things and don't realise what you have done until later. Hopefully my link teacher will like hexaflexagons! I know I do, and I'm (not?) ashamed to report that I let Bear go away thinking that "it's magic"... You've got to let them have the wow factor as long as possible.

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