Friday, June 13, 2008

Oxford University Press Summer Sale at Blackwells

Since I posted about the Springer Yellow Book Sale some time ago, it makes sense to write about The Oxford University Press Summer Sale at Blackwells.

According to their website:

"Save up to 75% on over 800 titles in the Oxford University Press Summer Sale.

We will endeavour to do everything we can to fulfil your order, however, please note that due to limited stock, we can not absolutely guarantee availability. All orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis. NB: Offer not available to customers in the Americas."

I collected the book: An Imaginary Tale: The Story of \sqrt{-1}, but the Polya one hasn't arrived yet (doh!) I haven't looked through the book yet, but Dr. C found a poem inside it, so it must be interesting! (Yes, I have a thing for maths poems it seems).

Nevertheless, I'm not sure if I should buy any books from this "sale". I stupidly buy books if I see "was £100 and now £10", and argue that it was cheap (when my mum grills me of course)! Are their any titles in this sale that anyone would recommend? In a sense I can't wait for my birthday now!

This is just a quick paragraph about my afternoon (more on my "SAS journal" later tonight). The English teachers at the school had a skim through my article for me(!) and told me what I could change. I could have left it with them for a full dissection, but I got that from Dr. Coleman anyway. It was horrible by the way... my article that is! As you have probably gathered from my posts, I use words like "etc", "i.e." and "e.g." on too many occasions. The English teachers had already crossed them all out for me so I was prepared for the same information from Dr. C. I have an organised mess which lacks structure, and needs putting together. (I put it down as fractured.)

The English teachers found it OK after some rearranging, but I wonder what the result of their full dissection will be. I might take them up on this offer as I have some time to work on it now, for I won't be going home/uni(!) for another two weeks. (My deadline is the end of June). Well *gulp* I should be going home again after my results, to negotiate a project for myself.

Doesn't "..." and "etc" mean the same thing? So why is "..." acceptable when "etc" isn't? The English teacher said that if you write etc, it means that you actually have no clue about what you're writing, but still...

I seem to have too many things in brackets and too many dashes as well. Anyway, I'm truly grateful for the feedback I received on my work, for it gave me the chance to learn new things; and made me realise that what I sometimes like or find "cool", is actually dumb! That is very important, because at the end of the day it is not only me who will read it. Yes, editing the article seems worse than writing the thing, and the red marks don't inspire confidence in me, however it has to be done. So this weekend will be spent editing my work and sending it out to various other people, and also working on some project for the SAS (more in the next post about this).

Gah--having gone to university today, I don't want to go back to the school placement on Monday! I hate the fact that my two years are already over. How am I going to leave this place? (Psst, I banged my funny bone today and it is not very funny. I thought it was called silly bone for a second, but it isn't.) By the way you actually read one paragraph. They look like more because I just pressed enter twice by accident...

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