Sunday, June 15, 2008

Monday has come too soon

It is a Monday tomorrow. A dark, depressing day indeed. I no longer will be observing different teachers and lessons, which is a relief of some sort, but will be staying with the maths department.

I wonder though, is that a better alternative? Perhaps it will be, for in this way the same students will see me and get used to me. Trying to do things outside my comfort zone is something that I am known for. I do it all the time, unsuccessfully on many occasions, but that's where the enjoyment lies -- in not knowing where you will land, or how you will land.

The department have given me the boring task of designing work sheets for students. I have two weeks to do this "project" but I'm not too keen on it. This is where my ability to not sit still pops up. I want to do something mathematically creative with a group of kids, but don't know what. The teacher said I could work with the "gifted and talented" group, and also do things will a lower group, but I'm struggling on what to do. Someone suggested looking through Martin Gardiner's books, but I have yet to do that. Anyway, hopefully by the end of this week I will have come up with something.

Truth be told, my desire to do something creative exists because I don't want to do any delivery! Yes, I am being the ultimate chicken, but I don't think I can yet. (I'm meant to prepare and deliver a few starters this week, but let us see how long I can put this of for).

The weekend has been semi productive. The article was not edited, but I have a couple of hours of the night left for that. I completed the minutes (they just need confirming now!!) and have 15 action points. I did point out that I'm being adventurous about The Galois Group at the moment! The bonus of the holidays is that I can decide which quest is too much for me to handle, without being under much pressure.

I have some maths reading to make a start on, which frightens me very much. This is the first time you could say, that I am actually attempting "independent learning", and I keep on thinking that it is not possible for me to do. Anyway, more on that when I make a start on it. Now I must watch Dr. Who and then edit my article. Not both at once of course, because I can't multi task, so I think I'll watch Dr. Who first and then work on the article. But then what time will I sleep? Sleep, you mock me--I don't sleep at night! I will sleep when I'm at school tomorrow and trying to support the teacher. Just like the good old days eh? Fine, I won't do that. But I will be awake I promise. Hmm, perhaps I shouldn't have that cup of tea...


steve said...

Someone suggested looking through Martin Gardiner's books

They'd love making hexaflexagons which Martin Gardner introduced in his first book of Scientific American articles. There's loads on the net about them (search for hexaflexagons in Google) and even a Hexaflexagon Toolkit which will print templates and folding instructions.

They will have a ball :)

Beans said...

Hi Steve,

In the words of the school kids: "you're the man"!

Thanks a lot for the link, and I'm sure they will have a ball. (You could say that I've erm... been enjoying this too!) Mine was badly folded so it didn't open, but take two should hopefully be better. Once again thanks--I'll run it past my link teacher tomorrow.