Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Miss, I'm dying!"

"Die quietly then."

That is just brilliant, and my link teacher actually said that with a straight face!

I have been hearing a lot of funny stories from some teachers, and I have my own little tales too (though not as funny!)

Shockingly I didn't post yesterday, because instead I slept like a baby. Yesterday morning I had been rudely waken by the doorbell, whilst the birds had twittered outside. In auto pilot mode I had opened the door to find a delivery man there. You don't want to see me when I've rudely been woken up by the way! My brain tends to be in neutral and I behave the way I do when I wake up at 2am for an exam. So I opened the door and blinked my eyes slowly at the man, trying to make sense of the situation. He did apologise for waking me up but it didn't register. I took the parcel and signed for it, but I had to write the time too.

"Do you have the time?" I had yawned.
"It's 6:15am."
"You're joking!! I have another hour of sleep yet!"

He had showed me his watch, which had definitely woke me up. Why would someone do this? It seemed that he had three deliveries to make by 7:30am, and we were luckily first! Pfft.

I did try to doze off again but the cold air had already woken me up. When I did eventually come downstairs for breakfast, an idea had hit me as I saw the parcel lying on the floor. "Perhaps it's a present for me!" I had wondered, as I sneaked a thorough examination of it. That wasn't to be though, for it clearly was labelled to my dad...

So that's a longer version of why I slept from 5:30pm to 11:30pm yesterday, and why I didn't plan my lesson successfully. One of the maths teachers really liked Steve's suggestion, and I have been "wowing" some staff with the flexagons too. The plan is that we are going to "team teach" a year 8 set 3 class on how to make them, but it should be Monday now.

Yesterday was a duh day anyway, and thankfully BT (bully teacher) wasn't here so I was OK. I had to observe an IT lesson, and although the teacher is great, I had no idea about what he was meant to be teaching the kids.

Now on to today. I was very much awake and fresh today due to my marathon sleep session yesterday (I had slept again at 2am), so I was able to deal with certain people. It's quite amazing how much you can learn by just observing how people interact in different environments. Now BT (who will always be referred to as that) is an OK person, but she doesn't realise that she is trying to impose "her position" on me. I am a "temporary member of staff" for three weeks, whether she likes it not, and she cannot treat me in the way she treats the children. Anyway, the best I can do is avoid her whenever possible and not talk to her (which I tried doing today). She only ever becomes a BT when certain other staff are there, which doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, today I got talking to another assistant teacher which was bad because I didn't do any work during the period I was meant to. I don't think I will sit in the staff during my frees now, for I just get distracted by the conversations taking place (and the staff room is no place to work!) I was counting my days down before, but I am actually thinking about staying on for another week perhaps.

During my conversation with the maths teachers today (at a departmental meeting) I was saddened to see that the teachers had lost their buzz for maths (to a certain degree), although they loved teaching. I had seen a question on sectors and mumbled to myself "\pi equals 180 degrees" but I got a blank face. (The teacher said they would have to look it up). I worry that I might end up like that if I do secondary school teaching, which is what is making me stall my decision. It has been swings and roundabouts for me this year, when I "hated" my course and wasn't enjoying most of it due to various reasons. But then thankfully I saw the light and realised that it wasn't maths which I was disliking. Sigh, what if one is never to see that light?

The teachers at the school have been very helpful and are telling me that it will be easier for me to teach at colleges, if I do a PGCE in secondary teaching. However if I go into college teaching first and then downgrade, it will be more difficult for I will still have to get my Qualified Teaching Status (QTS). Gah, so many decisions, and I want to do a fourth year of maths too.

If I lived on the monster planet that Dr. S had mentioned in his lecture for TGG, I would be enrolled on the MMath programme right now and would not be considering what level of teaching I want to do. No such monster planet exists unfortunately, and I worry about the consequences of any decision that I will make. Inevitably there will be one unhappy party, but should that be me?

My article is going to the English teacher tomorrow for a thorough grammatical investigation. One teacher had had a quick glance at it today and questioned most of the semi colons I had inserted! I had meekly replied that I just stick them anywhere, upon which she had kindly offered to give me information about them. The whole face of the article has had to change due to the corrections, but here's to more changes...

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