Sunday, June 15, 2008


Morning everyone. Yes, it seems old habits die hard and I am back to my bad ways (that of going to sleep when the birds start singing!) Today, well your yesterday but my today, has been pretty interesting.

After my meeting with Dr. C on Thursday 5th June, my to do list became rather out of control so I decided to minute what happened. This would allow me have the action points at hand, rather than everywhere. Actually, if you haven't already got it, this is my first time doing such a thing and I just needed an excuse to create minutes. The challenge was to use LaTeX to write my scribbles up. I wasn't very successful in using LaTeX, and in the end lazily gave up and used Open Office. Why wasn't I successful? Well once again I was being lazy and tried to use a package to create the minutes, rather than sectioning everything myself! Tomorrow I will be less lazy and should transfer everything to LaTeX (or so I hope).

The minutes aren't complete yet, but I only have "Any Other Business" remaining which isn't much. Anyway, my other LaTeX adventure of the day will be saved for when I come to its end. Now though, I will sleep! (By the way, I don't think that I'm very good at writing minutes. Any guesses why...)

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