Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's finally over

My exams are finally over. The sense of freedom is electrifying. However, only for a short while of course.

The exam didn't go as well as I would have liked. I didn't memorise the solutions to the problems. Well perhaps if I had done the problems in the first instance, I wouldn't be saying this. It's over though I suppose. One thing I have felt after all my exams is that it was "easy to pass to them well". Seriously. There's a formula you see. I'll post it one day.

I didn't achieve what I should have, but I knew that already. Knowing though, how "easy" it was to achieve such things though, makes it hurt slightly. I had to play my dangerous game, but now I know the formula. "It has to be done" they tell me. Nothing has to be done. Sigh. This is just me talking to myself, because I'm not feeling happy with myself. (Truth be told I was depending a lot on scaling; however it is very unlikely that any exam will be scaled up this semester. Or perhaps I seem to be talking to those people who ace exams?)

My coursework mark for metric spaces was pitiful as well. My worst three though, have to be algebra, logic and discrete maths. If I didn't answer the 10 maker in logic correct then that is right at the bottom. Ach. Why am I doing this?

Well we were sent an email telling us the exam board meeting is on 25th June 2008, and we'll get our results on the 26th June. That's pretty damn soon. I don't like that.

I woke up at 2:30am and had no breakfast today (and there had to be no fruit in the house today!) I had to have no breakfast because the silly exam was in the Armitage centre which is somewhere on Mars. Last semester we had turned up five minutes late to the exam, because we hadn't known where the heck the centre was! The plan was to be early this time. (Funnily enough, although I made it on time to the centre, I was just on time for the exam! The exam hall was on the first floor. Pft. I didn't know such a thing existed).

So let us skip past the exam. I have already said that had I learnt the solutions, I would have been all done. I dare not look at the solutions now, fearing my reaction. After the exam we were meant to go for a meal but plans got changed. Milo is going back home today you see, so had to leave after an hour. My stomach was rumbling like crazy--I hadn't eaten since 5am and now it was 12pm. Still though, my 2.5 hours of sleep hyperness hadn't kicked in yet, so I agreed as we went to Blackwells for tea etc. Tea and quiche it turned out to be (not my normal combination but everything else looked sickly and I still wanted to go for the meal.)

It felt like we were going to be back on Monday morning for lectures, as Milo said his goodbyes. My stomach was still fighting for that meal. Oh by the way, I got the following books as presents from Milo (which I will collect when they arrive): The Polya one and The imaginary tale of root i. I couldn't remember my own list, can you believe that! I recalled seeing the title The imaginary tale... on Professor Borovik's blog you see, hence chose that rather than Dr. Euler's something or other.

After Blackwells we ate math-scream (erm ice-cream!) and sat outside on the grass for a couple of hours, enjoying the freedom of not having to feel guilty because we weren't revising. I tried to take photos of the pigeons, but they weren't having any of it. Instead I took other random photos. Previously, the size of my photos used to be 1280 x 960, but now I only take photos of size 2816 x 2112. This means that each photo is a whooping 2mb, but I think the bigger the size the better the photo. (I'm thinking of a photo blog....)

It was absolutely "spiffing". (Actually I don't know what that word means and whether or not it's a word. We discussed it today and it came to me whilst I wrote that sentence!)

What I meant was that lounging in the sun, talking about general maths without stress (and other things of course) was fantastic. Well Fizz and myself discussed maths, whilst Bella pointed out that "should we be talking about maths now"? Some random drunk person asked us for a cigaratte, but it didn't get more eventful than that.

My hyperness has come and gone, but it didn't stay for long. That's because it is 6pm and I haven't eaten since that ice cream. I just can't eat. It is funny though, that you take more risks when you're in the state of slumber whilst walking. I should have waited for the car to cross before crossing the road, but I didn't. Instead I sort of dashed before he got near me. Normally I wouldn't do that.

This post is like ... the mixture of what the three witches in Macbeth were cooking up. Full of toad legs ... I need some sleep (whoops another Shrek song alert). It's a mixture of everything and nothing because I am currently sat in a void of nothing. My legs don't want to support me. My stomach is disjoint from my body. And next week I work full blimmin time for three weeks. What joy. Couldn't they at least give us a week to get over our exams? (I think that's the only thing that pulled me out of my euphoria. That 3 week placement.)

Anyway (this is the type of anyway that you think I'm ending but I don't!) Tomorrow I should see Dr. Coleman to sort out The Galois Group lectures for next year (has to be tomorrow because I'm going AWOL for three weeks). YES--I am finally allowed to think about TGG! It feels great to be able to do so without feeling guilty. If any lecturer is reading this and you have volunteered to do a lecture, then please drop me an email. That's an empty sentence of course. (Well I have five names down but I lost my list so don't know if I have forgotten anyone). I could find it, but ach, it's too much work (which I will end up doing anyway). I have to write an article by tomorrow too and I have to watch a million movies; old Dr. Who episodes (woohoo for the iplayer); and Sweeny Todd which Bella gave me for my birthday! (Now whenever I'm in a Sweeney Todd mood, I'll just stick that on).

After all this mumbo jumbo--I feel like a bubble, unburdened. When I am not tired and have had more than 2.5hours sleep, the real ecstasy will kick in --that of exams being over of course. That of freedom from the tortuous grasp of my desk, which I mock now. Exams change a person. They bring out the worst in you (to a certain extent--well that's the excuse I've been using since 16th May 2008!)

Maybe I should shut up now (don't answer that please!) My final comment, I think metric spaces joins PDEs on my list of "unliked" maths topics. Some of you might make the connection, others may not. But it got interesting too late, and then stopped. I don't want to sleep tonight. I want to go for that meal. Actually sleep sounds like a great idea--tomorrow though,will be a different story! (You'd think I'm not happy that the exams are over from a morbid-ish post like this--apologies, I'm in my very slow moods now you see).

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