Wednesday, June 04, 2008

If given a second chance...

... I would choose to do the same six modules again, which Milo was shocked to hear. Yes I have complained and whinged until I was turning blue in the face, but the problems I faced this year were due to myself. Although some modules were... not "very challenging" or "stimulating/interesting" all the problems I encountered were brought on me by myself (unfortunately).

If I could do seven modules though (I know I couldn't cope with six, but this is in the imaginary world!) I would definitely have picked up an applied maths module. (Not sure whether it would have been fluid mechanics or the one about waves.) Now that is what you call interesting modules.

This discussion is premature at the moment, for it is just to remind me for the full post about how my modules went this semester, and my thoughts. (After results of course!) I had the meal by the way--now to some sleep.

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