Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ice-skating has one very important element. If someone doesn't have this thing then they shouldn't even bother putting skates on. This main element happens to be balance.

You also have to have some sort of brain, which is where I failed. Yes, today I went ice-skating with a group of many people and a friend. I was looking forward to this challenge and wasn't scared of falling down. As we put our skates on I got talking to two women who seemed to be recovering from a fall. They were very nice and one was very perceptive and realised what kind of a bean I was! (I was pleasantly surprised by this).

Ice is very hard in case you were wondering. It doesn't hurt at first, but when it's your twentieth fall, your elbows are in tears and your hand is vibrating with pain. And when you get to thirty falls your body hates you as you refuse to give in. I was unsurprisingly rubbish on the ice, and I must say that the damn people on the TV make it look so easy! I am a person with no natural balance. I bounce from A to B and so on, but I am not balanced. Falling over my own feet is a very normal thing for me, as is not walking in straight lines. Well I always like to throw myself into things without much thought, which isn't always good. I did manage to get round once without falling but that was because the two women who I had spoken to at the start saw me sitting on the ice, taking my sweet time getting up, so they helped me around.

It probably won't come as a surprise to you when I say that my thirty fifth fall was a gruesome one. When you normally fall your body spreads out, and your limbs come out. This time round my leg became trapped under my body causing uncountable pain to my right angle (it sort of twisted back on itself). I knew straight away that I was in for it. Everyone around me was obviously laughing, for they thought I would get up again as I had done so the previous billion occasions. But that wasn't to be. I couldn't move my leg. Then the laughter stopped. As the pain coursed through my body, I managed to drag myself of the ice, despite everyone telling me not to move. I then lay in a semi safety position as the pain increased. It was numbing.

When the guys with the green jackets came (i.e. their first aiders) came, a crowd had formed. I was rather embarrassed, but I'll tell you a little secret. When something out of the ordinary happens my mouth never shuts up. I can't help it, but all I did was talk a lot of random nonsense as I was moved to a room on the right. The first aid guy commented on this and when someone from my group asked how I was, he had replied with "well beans is talking....".

I am going to A&E tomorrow morning, because I was foolish and thought that the injury was like last time and I would be able to walk in an hour or two. On the coach I had reassured everyone I would go as soon as possible, but that was half heartedly. I can't walk anymore because I can't apply pressure to my right foot. The slightest pressure results in searing pain, so I have to keep it still and in a certain position. This is bloody annoying because since I've come home I have been lying on the sofa downstairs, watching random nasty stuff on TV which I can't control. I don't log onto my blog on any other computer, so this post had to wait until I crawled upstairs to sleep. Tomorrow I'll just stay upstairs...

I am even more frustrated because I was hoping to go into university this week but I don't know if that's possible any more... I could hop to the AT building as I have been doing around the house, but my left leg starts hurting after a short while. (I can't crawl really can I!) It's quite funny how some people were concerned whereas I was very angry. Angry because I hate sitting in one place and sitting still. As long as it gets slightly better so I can at least walk, I don't care. (Which is looking unlikely).

As I was sprawled on the floor, the woman I had spoken to at the very beginning had looked down and said: "Trust you to go and do this to yourself". Sigh, my elbows are ugly and bruised as is my back and knees. Tomorrow the pain will settle down and ruin me, but I am not too concerned about that. I am not complaining because I fell 35 times, sprained(?) my ankle and that I can't skate, but because I can't move fluently any more. I can't escape to my room because that will mean I don't want to go downstairs because it'll take ages and will hurt. It is very restricting.

I did get a lot of told you sos and rightly so. Stupidly I had got bored with hugging the wall and threw myself right into it. Ah well, the quote "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing" comes to mind, justifying my actions of course! I don't think I will ever be able to skate properly due to my reasoning above about me not having any posture or balance. My mum wasn't best pleased, but she made me a nice cup of tea and some food! (I felt guilty for being a git to her last week during my sleepless week).

This wasn't quite the celebration I had in mind, but if I didn't bruise easily and my ankle hadn't died it would have been quite cool. I wonder though, why some people didn't seem pleased that I had passed. Perhaps they were hoping that if I did as badly as I had initially thought/failed, then I wouldn't do four years. This is going to be a tough battle, but if I don't transfer onto the MMaths programme by December then I don't know what will happen.

Now that my exams are over and I have got my results, I should start posting more stuff on maths. My placement is over too (more on my lessons tomorrow) and I don't think I will going back the week after next if my ankle doesn't get better. The maths in this post will about the obviously fantastic mathematician I met on the coach. He's hoping to study Maths and Accounting at LSE/City next year, and he even went to my college! I don't normally give my details to people I don't know, but I gave my email address to this person "just in case". We had a few interesting discussions on maths and I recommended that he read books like Fermat's Last Theorem by Simon Singh, before starting. His blank face at that was enough to put me off and make me wonder the following: If you were applying to study maths at university, shouldn't your college give you extra support and guidance or is that asking too much?

Anyway, I shall shut up now and watch Dr. Who before going to sleep. Let us hope that tomorrow is a brighter day.


Steph said...

Well done on passing. Have you decided whether to stay for the 4 year course yet?

Beans said...

Thanks Steph. :)

I have decided that I want to transfer on the fourth year, but I'm going to transfer just yet!

What made me make that decision? Well I know in my heart that if I don't do the fourth year I will regret it for years to come. However I am giving myself six months, in case something happens which makes me change my mind. (Which is very likely).