Monday, June 30, 2008

Confined to the bed

I can't walk for "four to five days". I can hop and I can crawl (!) but no walking. My ankle is badly sprained, but thankfully nothing broke. (I keep on being told of by Po for moaning about this, whereas I should be grateful...)

Isn't that the most ridiculous thing that you have ever read-- me not walk?! So you can probably understand my uncontrollable anger yesterday, as all I did was sit on the sofa and watch trash TV. Thankfully though, people had enough sense in them to put the football on which was disappointing in itself. Spain=Liverpool = ***** (in my humble opinion...). I think Euro 2008 hasn't had the same buzz to it this year because England didn't qualify, but there were still some great games played.

Today has been slightly better since I have decided to camp in my room for as long as possible. In this way I am out of everyone's way and I can use my own computer and at least do things that I want to.

Anyway, I have lost the thread in this post and will shut up now. I will probably be posting more for a few days because I can't exactly go out anywhere. Maybe I should watch Sweeney Todd yet again?!

PS: This was the first time that I had been to the hospital (as a "patient") since I was born, and my name on their records wasn't my name! It was quite amusing actually, being told that someone with the same date of birth, address and surname at me is on the record, but it's not me.


Alexandre Borovik said...

My sympathies are with your. Get well soon!

Beans said...

Thanks. Hope your finger is feeling better too.

I have started walking (hobbling) now, but I am still not able to run or kick a football properly. (I'll consider myself healed when I can kick a football again!)