Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back at home

I'm currently sat in the AT Building and its emptiness is quite weird and "nice". Once during the term, someone had enquired as to where I was, and without much thought I had replied, "I'm at home". Home being the AT building.

A place can grow on you, and I like the AT building now. This year it felt weird going home before 5pm, and I mostly always was here till 5pm. (On Galois Group business or whatever else\{work!})

I have seen at least 5 students here, and that probably explains the "raised eyebrows" enquiring look, I've been getting. Well it could be my imagination, but everyone is thinking what I'm doing back here! (I was told to actually relax during the summer, by someone, but I don't think I will. I will be working at a relaxed pace, is how I will put it. On a serious note, I've been itching to get back into working on The Galois Group and now I can). I had seen Dr. Coleman (as planned) and I even saw PS. The meeting was... well let us just say that this summer there is a lot for me to do. I have to find a "mini me" too, which won't be an easy task! We got through most of the agenda, but I think I am being a tad ambitious about certain things, but I have the whole summer to see what can be achieved.

A question to any readers: can you name any inspirational or great general audience maths lecture you have attended? (Well I'm particularly interested in the lecturer who gave it.)

OK back to being at home. The lack of "hubble" of activity makes this building slightly scary, but I like the extra room I have in this computer room. (It's mine... all mine! Muhahaha). My bags thrown to one side (so no one can get in...) and my work is all over the place. What work you ask? (As do they all).

I always promise myself to make productive use of my summer, but never do. I should be getting a job this year too, which should hopefully give me the structure I always lack. The most important thing for me to do though, is find my cup of tea. I have decided to do a project next year, because if I don't do a fourth year, I would have liked to have done a project whilst at university. (Note: nothing is written in stone yet--I can always change my mind). I am having a hard time about this project because I have no cup of tea (depending on what modules are available next year, I might do a double project).

My summer plans will be revealed in due course. The thoughts on the project came because I was reminded about the books I bought from the Yellow Book Sale. (They're still residing in Dr. C's office, because I won't be using them for some time and they're heavy!)

So whens the next time that I will be at home? Well in three weeks time I should be here again (after my placement) and I'll probably be the only maths student here then! We didn't make the timetable for next years Galois Group lectures, because the lecturers don't have their own timetable yet. When that has been distributed we'll do the scheduling, and I should have worked on some of the action points by then.

Honestly speaking: I love doing this. I am over the moon that my exams are over and I don't have to stress about working on this. I made my very first agenda you see (that's just a fancy way of saying "a long list".)

I think I'm going to be here till 5pm today as well (but I didn't bring any lunch though!)

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