Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why you should hand in typed coursework.

I have dug myself a large hole for algebra and have confused myself over some silly thing. I ended up going back to algebra 1 notes and recalling some very important information. Still though I was finding myself unable to get out of this hole. At this stage I started to frantically search for my algebra coursework, which ended up being impossible (my files and notes are scattered everywhere at the moment).

In the process of finding my coursework, I have further destroyed the very little order I had in my room. However a smack on the forehead soon followed as I realised that I had typed the damn thing up!

So typing coursework ensures that you always have a copy; it looks pretty neat too and something else which I have now forgotten. (I regret not typing my discrete coursework up for it hasn't been returned to us...)

Anyway, that is all from me. I should have started calculus revision today because that exam is on Friday, but instead have been struggling with algebra. Is it just me, but when I revise I end up reading into topics that I have no business in doing so! I just spent an hour reading about something which will not help me any exam whatsoever. Humbug.

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