Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Springer Yellow Book Sale and the Library

Firstly I will mention the library. It seems that when people are upset or not there usual self, they act out of character and might have do various things to make themselves feel better. It seems that I either have a kick about outside, play Resistance Fall of Man (or any other good game on the console), or buy a (mathematics) book. Yesterday after my exam I wasn't feeling too great, and having already bought a book last week, I headed to the library to return a book. (I couldn't exactly play on the console or football you see).

At the library somebody called me (I officially hate phones as of today):

"Why are you whispering?"
"I'm in the library. Bye."

Then later, on my way home,

"Why did you go to the library?"

If I could roll my eyes (successfully) I would have. The person couldn't even see my physical distress due to their comment. HELLO--why do people go to the library? Sigh. I'm not even going to bother replying to that question.

I ended up taking five books out, most about general mathematics and one on algebra. They were heavy but I made it home in one piece.

It's my birthday soon (I'm turning eight this year) and I have been asked what I would like. As you can imagine, I'm not the easiest person to get a present for. I'm not really concerned about my birthday this year, so its definitely not going to be a big affair; however I have to make this list. My family refuse to buy me any more maths books, for they claim I'm going to go crazy--if only they knew the truth! Anyway I digress, I'm in the process of making a list but I honestly don't know anything cool that I would like. (Four years maybe?!)

Sometime ago I spotted the catalogue for the Springer Yellow Book Sale in Dr. C's office. (There's something about the word sale that stands out to students!) I took the catalogue and had an inquisitive look through it, but soon put it to one side and forgot about it. However, recently I decided to actually do something about "finding my cup of tea" in maths, and surprisingly found the catalogue again. I browsed through it purposefully and went about trying to get hold of the books I wanted.

The books are hardback by the way, and I actually prefer hard back to paper back (but since they are obviously more expensive, I end up buying the paper back ones!) One of the books is by Tom Apostol(?) and the others I can't remember. I got them pretty cheap I must admit (there's five of them) and even though they might never be used by me they are damn cool! (I do hope to actually make use of them though).

So if you are looking for cheap-ish, hardback maths books you know where to find them (till 31st July). I actually saved up for these, and if I had the money and my "insensible" head glued on, I would probably buy more. (When it comes to buying books I tend to forget about my bank balance.) Sigh. I think I need a bigger book shelf though (what with the twenty odd free books that my PT gave me last semester).

I can't be bothered to revise for algebra, hence this post. Today was actually a fun day-- is that allowed? I saw all my PTs and the first question everyone asked me was "what's happened to your voice?"! Worry not though, for it is getting better. (I hate hearing myself speak though, for I sound rather stupid in my opinion...) Maybe because I am expecting Algebra to be my worst exam, I can't be bothered to actually revise for it. Who knows? I have done nothing today. Seriously. Factor rings make my head hurt, but I am thinking of skipping them and doing polynomials first and then going back to factor rings tomorrow when my heads more fresh.

A life without exams seems really hard to imagine at the moment.

PS: Come on you reds!


nick said...

Nice post, book buying can be very therapeutic. Warron Zevon once said that 'when we buy books we imagine we are buying the time to read them.'

Beans said...

Thanks, and I have to say that that quote has to be one of the best I have heard for a while!

I am guilty of doing that you see!