Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Remember remember...

... \sout{the fifth of November} the seventh of May, and The Galois Group lecture! (Alan Turing Building G205 at 1:10pm, by Professor Lionheart on Mathematics in Industry).

Nope--poetry isn't my thing and I dare not attempt to write something "fancy". I woke up rather up beat today, however now dread and despair are slowly creeping into me.

I'm feeling particularly bad as well, because I keep on (unintentionally) annoying the same few busy people. Ah well, I must reassure everyone that this behaviour will stop in a couple of weeks (when term ends); so please be patient with me for a little longer. I'm already breaking and the cracks are becoming visible. Hopefully I can stay glued together for another four weeks, but please don't crush me yet.

None of the Tweenies are around today, and I can't see any other students too. Let us hope that 1pm will paint a different story.

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