Saturday, May 24, 2008

Provisional Birthday List

I figured that I deserved the day of today, namely because of the horrible stress I was under during the week. Perhaps I shouldn't have done this, given the fact that I really could do with revising in advance for the next exam. However I have three days for that, and one day off to actually feel the bright, intoxicating sunlight on my face, can't be that harmful. (To make myself feel slightly better, I did sort my Logic file out only to realise that I have a lecture missing!)

As I was sorting my book shelf (putting all the algebra books away and finding the logic one), I realised that I used to have two books which are no longer there. These books were library books of course, but I unfortunately had to return them. They were nice maths books which you always want on your bookshelf, and this give me an idea about what to put on my birthday list. So that makes it five things now, and I can definitely assure you that I won't be getting any of the books! (What I then tend to do is, buy the books anyway and claim they were a present... ;) )

1) Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

This ones for the holiday after my exam! One of the best football games around in my opinion.

2) Binary Clock

I was actually interested in a binary watch, but when I pointed out to someone that I don't wear watches but still want it, they suggested a binary clock! A brilliant suggestion might I add, because currently I use Noddy's gigantic watch as a clock for my room! (It is quite big I must add, and I don't know how people can wear them without feeling weighed down on one side...)

3) How to Solve it - G Polya

A book that really should be on my shelf.

4) What is Mathematics? R Courant  H Robbins

I could have bought this book with the amount of money I ended up paying the library! (More than £11.00).

5) A guide to LaTeX -- Kopka

If I get my own copy of this, I won't have to always knick Dr. Coleman's.

That's enough of that now. Leon or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-- which to watch is what's more important!

Today was the first time in ages that I slept for about 11 hours! This is the way life should be -- stress free. (I lie obviously, but it is nice to take time off and unwind; especially if you have forgotten what exactly you were meant to do! )

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Beans said...

Well I've got the Polya book now, but I can't believe that I forgot about Courant's book!