Saturday, May 31, 2008

Poetry and Topology

Below are two poems which I found more interesting and entertaining than metric spaces. Why does that module seem to be the most uninteresting one of the semester? It has been three days and I have done no revision whatsoever. I have though, had a few school reunions and behaved as I would if it was the end of my exams. I refuse to blame myself though... (that's a lie actually, but this subject is honestly draining what life I have out of me!)

I flicked through one of the books today, and got carried away as usual and read about unconnected topics. I don't want to say it, but the subject is very boring hence my lack of enthusiasm towards revision. However, perhaps having three days left will apply some much needed pressure which will make me start revising. Sigh. Hopefully I will be ready for the exam on this occasion.

So to the two poems:

A mathematician confided
That a Moebius* strip is one sided
And you get quite a laugh
When you cut it in half:
In stays in one piece when divided.

The topologist's child was quite hyper
Till she wore a Moebius diaper.
The mes on the inside
Was thus on the outside:
It was easy for someone to wipe her.

Unfortunately I can't credit them to anyone, because I don't know who! However, they are what has kept me breathing. (These poems have stopped me from thinking that studying topology will be like studying metric spaces i.e. ...)

*Moebius= Möbius


Jake said...

Here's a nice poem (limerick anyway) about Banach - handy for Wednesday!

If M's a complete metric space,
And non-empty, it's always the case,
If f's a contraction,
Then under its action,
Exactly one point stays in place!

Beans said...

That is quite cool actually! I haven't yet got that far in my revision (on continuous maps yet) but I think that poem will be part of my revision now.

Best of luck for tomorrow too.